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March 25, 2006

“we have to talk”

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 4:37 pm

When she says “we have to talk“, most guys get worried.
Do you?
she’s waited up …
to have some last words
with me

my wife admits
she is not perfect,
but is glad I am

quite by surprise
my daughter asks me
if I’d like to be a woman
the gravity in the moment
I took to answer
after her letter
no heart to open
a bill

we bicker
all through the house
… cleaning
as I sit in thought
she moves briskly
about the room,
stirring the chill
in the air
Tom Clausen from Homework (2000)

“my wife admits” – Modern Haiku  Vol. XXVIII: 1 (Winter-Spring 1997)
microphoneG We still don’t have to talk:  one year ago today we
we have kept our promise: neither a listener nor a podcaster have
we been.
podcaste pariah –
can’t hear
the compliments
tiny check On that same day, George M. Wallace gave
his own definition of “podcast.”
tiny check Carolyn Elefant broached some important issues in a
this week (commenting on “Ethical but Unemployed” in the ABA
“So long as lawyers must risk their jobs to report ethics
violations, they won’t.  It’s unclear why  courts would rather
have lawyers make a choice between financial well being
and compliance with the Model Code (which requires lawyers
to report ethics violations) than to afford protection to lawyers
who do the right thing.   There’s something not entirely ethical
about that.”
I agree with her sentiment that the courts should be more open to
retaliatory firing cases based on ethical whistleblowing.  However,
similar to our thoughts in More on the Silent Associate, last April,
we can’t condone silence based on the fear of losing a job.  (and,
see, the ethics of the Whatever Generations)  Also, it’s hard to
imagine wanting to stay at a firm where you believe that raising
ethical issues might get you fired.

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