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March 14, 2006

haunted by Frankenblawg

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 3:15 pm

Ben Cowgill and Joel Schoenmeyer have dug up, exhumed, disinterred and

uncovered the moldly corpse of third-party weblog content over the past two

days.  And, I’m glad they did.  Joel wrote “Blogs and Ghostwriting,” at his

Death & Taxes Weblog, and Ben wrote “Welcome to the (unfortunate)

LexBlog has ushered in the era of stock content on blawgs” (March 13,

2006), at his eponymous Cowgill on Legal Ethics.




They’ve both done a good job of raising issues and concerns, and Ben has

clearly donea lot of homework.  Although I can’t work on this today, I was

at the forefront of the Ghostbuster-blogger movement two years ago.  See: 


goblins at the door

in the darkness behind them

a cigarette flares


       John Stevenson 

               from Some of the Silence 







Shoots of new grass

over a crumbling tombstone

the faded epitaph






autumn evening —

yellow leaves cover

the plot reserved for me






An obituary

circled in the newspaper–

pale winter moon





Scent of the dead horse–

descending vortex

of vultures



Rebecca Lilly – Shadwell Hills (Brook Press, 2002)

“An obituary”  – edge of light: (RMA 2003); Acorn 10



witchBrewS  potluck

On a possibly-related topic: someone Googled expert opinion on eternal life>

today, and the 5th result out of 3.5 million was our post on the new pope’s

life expectancy, with a pointer to RiskProf Martin no-ghost Grace, who was

doing some musing on eternal life expectancies.  I wonder if LexBlog has any

expertise on the afterlife – or can get us some.  



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