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February 18, 2006

what about the haiku?

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 10:59 pm

You’ve waited too long for your Saturday haiku.

Good night from me and Rebecca Lilly:


Deep snow

on the white church dome–

not even the sparrow stirs





“snowflakeSN”  “snowflakeSN”



Frost-melt on windows–

a bird’s delicate prints

on sun-glistened snow







Funeral bells toll…

pallbearers maneuver

the coffin over snow








passersby turn to shadow

–the click of a latch




from Shadwell Hills (Birch Prees Press, 2002)



tiny check  Somebody Googled sue giacalone> this morning.  Our post Sue-Dough-Logic 

(disagreeing with Walter Olson‘s negative thoughts on Client Protection Funds)

was the #1 result out of 84,000.  Naturally, the f/k/a gang wonders whether the

query is a name or a threat.   Where’s Walter when I need him?

This is a good opportunity to repeat that: We agree with HALT‘s

position that client protection funds need to be better funded in

many states.


“Blackboard abcN”  Dan Hull at What About Clients has a great pointer to a

Canadian Bar Association piece on writing in Plain English.   Dan (who has

one of the most detailed “About-me” pages in all weblogdom) says:

 “But Part III on correspondence is detailed, generally applicable to

any good writing, well-thought out and useful to anyone who shares

this goal: put our embarrassingly medieval legal writing tradition out

of its present misery (i.e., kill it), lovingly leave it to language and legal

historians, and turn it into unprententious English which clients and

other lawyers will actually want to read. Bravo. “


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