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February 9, 2006

pelicans on posts

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breathe in, breathe out

poems and mountain






in the pink dusk

with pimples






scrabbling for crumbs

amid the pigeons








judges and juries


on posts





cloudy valley

the dog barks

at himself



David G. Lanoue author of the haiku novels Haiku Guy,

Laughing Buddha, and (online for freeDewdrop World (2005)

                  – and Kobayashi Issa‘s prolific & humble translator –



How should law professors teach cases and topics (such as   “fedupskif”

sexual harassment law) that involve “graphic” descriptions of

a sexual, violent or profane nature?  Prof. Wenger raised the

subject at Concurring Opinions, and the topic has been taken

up at Workplace Prof Blog by Paul Secunda.  There are quite

a few lengthy comments at each weblog.  I’m in the camp of

those who believe that law students are adults and should be

expected to both handle the subject matter and take it seriously

(that means cool it with the sophomoric remarks, gentlemen). 

Although professors might want to give a low-key warning about

particularly hard-hitting matierials, they should not be watering-

down or cleaning up their pedagogy in order to spare the feelings

of the most sensitive, fragile, or easily-offended students. 


spiderCircle  If you still wonder how Google decides which results end up

at the top of its query results, check out its Newsletter for Librarians

article “How does Google collect and rank results?” (Dec. 2005, via



EsqChecker: show your commitment to legal ethics

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 11:47 am

We had forgotten all about ethicalEsq‘s EsqChecker project

(an “ethics certification” — seal of approval — program), until

last night, while looking for our founding editor’s valedictory post.

In the process, we located Professor Yabut‘s brief self-introduction as

the new editor, along with his scandalized account of the EsqChecker

program. [see ethicalEsq Sells Out, April 1, 2004]  Go here for our

amended reprise.


                                                                                       esq “tinyredcheck” er



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