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February 4, 2006

dear haijin: a multi-breath nag

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 9:41 pm

Two months ago, I posted let’s all join Haiku Society of America, urging

writers and other lovers of haiku and related forms of poetry to join the

Haiku Society of America.   That’s still a very good idea, for all the

reasons I gave in December, including that:

Along with the regular membership fee of $33 ($30 for students

and senior citizens), come the three annual editions of Frogpond

HSA’s venerable haiku journal (and source of many f/k/a haiku and

senryu); newsletters; plus much good feeling, camaradie. and occa-

sional familial wrangling. 

In addition, there’s one other major benefit to HSA membership — the oppor-

tunity to appear in the annual HSA Members’ AnthologyClick here to see

the cover of the 2005 Anthology, Loose Change, which has one haiku or

senryu from more than 220 HSA members (and is available for only $10).   

big thaw overnight —


on the river


         david giacalone, loose change

Every year, members who wish to participate send 5 poems (newbies can send

10) to the editors, who select one to appear in the Anthology.  It’s a great way

to encourage neophyte poets to write and submit haiku, while assuring them

of publication.  And, its a great way for the Association to show the variety and 

quality of its members’ work.


fr ventalone


Here comes the nag for Current HSA Members:  Note that Loose Change has

over 220 poems, but that means that 600 HSA members chose not to participate

in the Anthology for 2005.  Let me get on my soapbox, and say that being part

of the Anthology seems, to old haikuEsq, to be more than a benefit of membership,

it’s also a responsibility — and one that can be easily fulfilled by currently or previ-

ously active haijin, as submitted poems can be either published or unpublished.

snow bound —

a hint of gardenia

in the sweater drawer


    ellen compton, Loose Change

 checked box  Convinced?  Think about it a moment, and then please click

Roberta Beary and Ellen Compton are co-editors for this year’s edition.  I’m

sure they would want me to remind you, especially:

tiny check the deadline: In the editors’ hands by May 31, 2006 (much sooner

is much better)


tiny check eligibility: All HSA Members (even brand new ones who join by May 31)


tiny check the address: Roberta Beary

                   1718 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 201

                   Washington, DC 20009

When my 2006 Anthology arrives in the mail in December, I’d like it to be twice

the size of this year’s — 150 pages, instead of 75.  It would indeed be a great

resource for, and reflection of, HSA’s membership.  Please do your part.




“tinyredcheck”  Seventeen of f/k/a‘s Honored Guest Poets appear

in Loose Change, HSA’s Members’ Anthology 2005:

(I guess I need to work on the other nine).  Here, in

alphabetical order, are their contributions, which

say much about the quality of the publication.   





harvest moon

the long pull

of farway children


    roberta beary




just long enough

to leave an impression



    yu chang






trashman small flip



Valentine’s Day —

I forget to get

the garbage out


    tom clausen




a steady breeze

the last child

leaves home


      devar dahl





                                       “snowflakeS” “snowflakeS”





so suddenly winter

baby teeth at the bottom

of the button jar


   carolyn hall





without islands in the dead center loneliness


      jim kacian





spring breeze

the wine of a carpenter’s



     david g. lanoue


he comes to bed

cleanshaven . . .

winter stars


   peggy willis lyles


boy writing flip


migratory ducks

I have never

kept a diary


   paul m.





a stone turning

in my palm


    pamela miller ness





the changes

in his face


    w.f. owen







deep winter

I search the lease

for a loophole


    tom painting


winter night

a pulling sensation

under the bandage


    john stevenson




Abandoned barn

one bale of hay with twine



      george swede






first visit

seeing the colors

she lives with


     hilary tann




morning sickness —

the patter of spring rain

on our new roof


    michael dylan welch





chilly evening —

the wine full of summer

in a far country


    billie wilson


edited by Pamela Miller Ness & Tom Painting; Stanford M. Forrester, contributing ed, 2006)



Weekend Bonus:  The newest edition of Roadrunner Haiku Journal

went online yesterday (VI: 1, Feb. 4, 2006).  In addition to several features,

it includes three haiku or senryu from each of 15 haijin — including Aurora

Antonovich, Eric Houck, Jr., and Bruce Ross, along with a number of our

own Honored Guests.  Here are one each by Peggy Willis Lyles and

John Stevenson:


a lantern

in the pothole–



     Peggy Lyles



the interval
between park benches


     John Stevenson





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