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January 15, 2006

not enough calculation

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 9:21 pm

Like millions of Americans, I’m watching the two-hour

season’s premiere of Fox Network’s 24.  [former President

David Palmer‘s assasination means All State won’t be losing

its newest spokesman-actor.]  But, I owe you some Honored

Guest haiku.


LanoueSelf    Here’s a half dozen from David G. Lanoue‘s
haiku novel Dewdrop World (2005).  Remember, he’s offering

the novel as a free download, as thanks for post-Hurrican Katrina

generosity. Our prior post, a great free novel, has more details.  



a happy little horror

the headless





in full battle make-up

she rollerblades





afternoon nap

our bare bottoms





femaleSym  maleSym




after dreams


on the pillow










in rain with folded hands








enough calculation!

surrender to the mountain

oh feet 



click for free download)




new novel

the sun sets

without me





tiny check An NYT editorial yesterday made a very important point about

America’s pension system denial. The Pension Deep Freeze,

Jan. 14, 2005: 

“As a society, we have proved unwilling to deal in

any comprehensive way with the looming retirement

crisis that is likely to occur in the years when the baby

boom generation leaves the workplace. The deal between

workers and businesses is breaking down, and there is

nothing to take its place. It is incumbent on our elected

leaders, along with business and labor leaders, to confront

this issue now. Poor investment decisions or a market

downturn as an employee is entering retirement and needs

to draw on the funds can be the difference between a secure

retirement and an old age spent in poverty.”

For years, Prof. Yabut has said: If you want to see a voter revolution,

wait until millions of Baby Boomers realize they will be very like to

live their retirement years in poverty.  We’ve got some plannin’ to do!




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