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December 26, 2005

Blawxing Day — we gush, we blush

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Just as Christianity co-opted pagan winter festivals when designating its

Christmas holiday, the high priests of Blawgdom at Blawg Review have co-

opted Boxing Day and chosen December 26 for the bestowal of their first-



    Horn‘s Lady Justice                                                                               


If you’re interested in weblogs about law, the legal profession and legal

education, you will want to peruse the Blawg Review Awards 2005.  We

have dubbed this bestowal of honors on those who edit or contribute to

legal weblogs Blawxing Day.   Although much could be said of this

event (beyond its striking graphics, which borrow Greg Horn‘s image of

She-Hulk as Lady Justice), let’s start this morning with three observations:


1) By giving over 40 awards, Blawg Review  — in addition to showing great

marketing savvy — has made a crucial point: weblogging is a multi-faceted

activity, with a great variety of styles, approaches, and purposes.  When

done well over a substantial length of time, weblogs fitting many needs

and niches deserve recognition.  Blawg Review Awards 2005 highlights

the scope and depth of the communication form and format known as



2) “Ed” and the other gents at Blawg Review have taken their awards, but

not themselves, seriously.  Bravo.




3)  f/k/a is both pleased-as-punch and punch-drunk after receiving the 

BRA 2005 Award as “Creative Law [We]Blog.”  Some would call our

combination of poetry, punditry and preachy professionalism a strange

symptom of the Editor’s many personalities.  But, “creative” sounds much

less like a malady and more like a virtue.  We’ll all be working harder than

ever to find inspiration from the exasperations of law and life on planet Earth.

If you’re new here, thanks for giving us a look.  Some of our tortured history

and intentions can be found on the About page.



in the spotlight

he squints

and turns away



tiny check Many thanks to our Honored Guest Haiku

Poets, who give the poetry portion of this website so

much of its creative edge and panache.


tiny check  Kudos to all the winners, but especially to our

weblogging friends, George,Wallace Steve Bainbridge,

Evan Schaeffer, and Carolyn Elefant, who make an effort 

to stay in touch and respond in kind.


We want to tip our hat to SCOTUSblog and Volokh Conspiracy hat tip small neg

for their exceptional contributions.   I also want to say that

Walter Olson’s  doesn’t just have The Best

Name — it also does a darn good job of demonstrating the per-

spective behind the name.  Finally, I want to give the ol’ RiskProf,

Martin Grace, my own special Hazardous Duty weblog award for

making an esoteric topic interesting, often fun, and far more

understandable (even by lawyers). 


update (noon): Prof. Yabut woke up late and grumpy, and had

just two things to say: (1) “I can’t believe they called us a ‘Blog’,”

and (2) “When everybody gets a gold star, nobody gets a gold

star.”   Talk about a malcontent.  Let’s hope he cheers up for

the New Year.  (Of course, we will continue to eschew the “blog”

word and will refer to ourselves as a weblog.)


naughty child–
instead of his chores
a snow Buddha






a full round
of New Year’s greetings
at the inn

       Issa, translated by D. Lanoue




                 “snowflakeS”  When the f/k/a gang hears “creative,” 

                   we think of Honored Guests like Andrew Riutta:




my inner child . . .

even baby shampoo

burns a little  







                         tire swing–

                         the world she flirts with

                         through its void  








so many guns

aiming for peace-









                             how cold:

                             sunshine through

                             a leafless willow



“snowflakeS” Andrew Riutta

“tire swing” – Frogpond (2005)

“how cold” – Full Moon Magazine (2005) 

“so many guns”   Poetry Bridge – World Haiku Club (2005)


                                                                                                                        Lady Justice [really] HornHulkJustice


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