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December 2, 2005

michigan & miscellaneous

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Now that Michigan will surely be known less and less for

building automobiles, let’s hope it will start to be known

for crafting fine haiku and senryu.  


MichiganG  For example, this selection from two of its 

haijin Native Sons:




up and down
the teeter-totter,






loose change . . .

my savings for

a view of the stars



holding my own . . .
autumn colors
let go


“distant foghorn” – Haiku Harvest (Vol. 5:1, Fall/Winter 2005)




thanksgiving leftovers…

      the scent of summer

           in the sage stuffing








thunder . . .
the mustang’s tail
begins to sway







christmas eve
i give the mall santa
a jump




“santaDudeNeg”  ed markowski

“thunder” – The Heron’s Nest VII: 4 (Dec. 2005

“christmas eve” – Haiku Harvest V:1 (2005)




  • by dagosan                                               


first date —

her eyes linger

on the rusted fender




tiny check Martin Grace at RiskProf notes a WSJ article on the reduction in

trials lately.  Ted Frank quickly commented that fewer trials do not mean

less litigation (and promises/threatens to “expand on this much further.”  

In December 2003, we reported that the legal profession was in crisis mode

because of the reduction in trials — and gave a few reasons why we think

fewer trials is a good thing. 


coin plate


………. There’s a mini-debate at Prof. Bainbridge’s place over the propriety or

necessity of his having a Tip Jar.  We made our opinion known long ago —


tiny check  The gang at Mirror of Justice are having quite a discussion on the

role/scope of conscience in Catholicism — e.g., here, there, and there. So

far, no one has responded to my questions about the “gay priest” contro-

versy and Catholic Legal Theory.


tiny check Mike Cernovich asks the important question whether politics are ruining

the Department of Justice.   Check out his post and the linked articles.   I can

assure you from my years at the FTC that political appointees who are not

wholly supportive of an agency’s mission can indeed  greatly lower the morale

of dedicated staffers.


                                                  Don’t forget there’s a “holiday” gift for all our   checked box

                                                   visitors — haiku brochures from/by dagosan.


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