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November 25, 2005

thankful for: new haiku weblogs

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When f/k/a pushed off from its wharf in May 2004, dagosan promised

himself he would write “one haiku a day that I wouldn’t be embarrassed

to share with the entire Internet.”  That seemed like folly for a neophyte

haiku poet, but his lawyer training had left dagosan unable to produce

without deadlines.  So far, he’s met his schedule and Your Editor hasn’t

died of embarrassment. 


All the while, the rest of the f/k/a Gang has been wondering why other

haijin haven’t jumped on the weblog and poem-a-day bandwagon.  It’s

so darn easy to set up a weblog and they’re free.  All you need is a little

faith in yourself, your muse, and your webmaster.


boy writing flip


Well, at the end of November 2005, I’ve got something else to be

thankful about — I’ve found a half-dozen daily weblogs featuring

haiku and senryu (plus, photography and other paired images).  Let me

remind you of places you should bookmark for perusal (after finishing

your daily visit here): has the haiku of paul david mena and the photography

of mary melodee mena.  It’s first post was Oct. 14, 2004.  We featured

it last December.  Here’s Paul’s Thanksgiving offering (Nov. 24, 2005):


                                  bonita  Bonita

Thanksgiving night –   
everyone thanks me
for walking the dog


Morden Haiku was started on Oct. 5, 2005 by Matt Morden, one of our

our Honored Guests.  As we said back in October, Matt also presents

both haiku and photos. 

Here are a pair of haiku from this past week that

demonstrate Matt’s verbal skill and art; click the

link to see the paired images:


early frost
my daughter asks me to
turn the music down


          (Nov. 22, 2005)








tough enough to hold
the weight of this world
bramble leaves


         (Nov. 24, 2005)


eric houck jr‘s haiku & senryu was launched on Sept. 16, 2005, but came

to my attention this week thanks to my Referer Page. (thanks for the link,

Eric).  His poem for today should make you want to visit and his other

offerings will bring you back again:


first winter alone
hilltop cemetery


    [Nov. 25, 2005]


dustinNeal  dustin neal‘s daily haiku hasn’t had its first fortnight anniversary

yet, but it’s quite promising and I hope Dustin will keep it up.  His

Thanksgiving senryu rang a bell for me:


thanksgiving day  
without thanks


       [Nov. 24, 2005] 


Miso Soup has been served daily since Mid-October, 2005, by Alison Williams 

(also proprietor of the writing group weblog Cabbage Soup and her university

librarian weblog ML 107).  I hope she continues to offer her unique perspective. 



heroic statues bound
with strings
of Christmas lights


    [Nov. 24, 2005]  


 alisonWilliams Tangent: a brief stop at Alison’s ML107

site left me wanting to know more about the book

How to Be a Student, by Sarah Moore.  Check out

the chapter headings here.


everyday Issa is a delight, as we proclaimed on October 2nd.  It features the haiga

paintings and renku of Sakuo Nakamura, and the haiku of Kobayashi Issa.  Sakuo

has been doing a painting a day to go along with David Lanoue’s translations of

Master Issa’s haiku since February 2005, then he adds a linked verse of his own.   



tiny check  It’s not easy to keep a weblog going.  But, I’m hoping that the new

haijin webloggers will stick with their intentions to post a haiku or senryu every day.

(I also wish Bret Wooldridge would revive his Wanton Tree.)  If a worn out old guy

like dagosan can do it (while churning out breathless punditry), all you younguns

ought to be able to keep it up without breaking a sweat.  And, a few more should

join the weblog parade.


p.s. It’s not a daily and not a weblog, but I want to tip a hat to Jason  hat tip small flip

Sanford Brown for launching his Roadrunner Haiku Journal eleven

months ago.


update (Nov. 27, 2005):  T.A. Thompson wrote today, saying that this post

inspired him to start a daily haiku weblog of his own — coffee.tea.haiku — which

has now been serving “A little dose of haiku each day with your morning coffee

or evening tea” for two days.  TAT is founder of the Gin Bender Poetry Review.




tiny check  dagosan convinced himself to start a haiku diary 

and a daily senryu weblog.   yes, fools do rush in.


afterthought (Nov. 28, 2005): I want to specifically nag the prolific and ubiquitous

Ed Markowski about starting a weblog.  Hey, Eddie, you know how to use email,

so you already know how to operate a weblog.  Really.  Your public awaits.  I say

this, even though your efforts will surely make mine look meagre and sorry.  Also,

I want to encourage Webwiseguy H. Curtis “Curt” Dunlap to start updating his

existing-but-lapsed weblog.  Until then, click on his name to see a selection of

his published haiku. Finally (for now), it’s great to see Denis Garrison has been

busy this month at his Haiku Unchained weblog.


digital age

aging digits

at the keyboard


          dagosan   from second thoughts


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