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October 23, 2005

pancakes and dim sum

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 11:33 pm


What can I say about a Sunday that includes: hand-delivery, by

the venerable (and affable) Yu Chang himself, of the newest edition

of Upstate Dim Sum (2005/II); a pancake brunch with ample

portions of good coffee, good conversation and traditional diner-

style people-watching; a nice early autumn nap; and the early 

arrival of the jointly produced Carnival of the Capitalists #107 

and Blawg Review #29, hosted by Blawg Review’s own, omni-

present Ed-nonymous Editor?  I can say: darn good Sunday —

except, it’s 10 PM and I haven’t done any posting yet today.


With no additional ado, here’s a good helping of haiku by

Ithacan, and Route 9 Haikuist Tom Clausen, from the newest

Upstate Dim Sum:



my mistakes —

no matter how many

coats of paint



paint can neg flip




in the car singing

until I’m passed

and seen …







last sandwich

from the loaf

the two ends





when did that happen?

the river appears

through leafless branches



[Oct. 23, 2005]




tiny check   How does Steve Bainbridge find time for Mass, and still   paint can

get in all those antiHarriet posts over a weekend– despite taking the time

to hunt up all his good press and engage in some self-congratulation? 

Were I a Bible-quotin’ kinda guy, I’d be wondering how the Sermon on the

Mount fits in with all this Harriet-bashing (before the hearings, even), and

I might even do a chart featuring the Seven Deadly Sins v. the Neo-Cons.

Find inter-faith information on pride, envy, wrath, gluttony etc., here.

“witchbrewS” update (Oct. 24, 2005):  Prof. B. wrote in to remind me

that he also

“took time out to mix up a mean batch of Kansas City Steak Soup 
this weekend.” 

I’d hate to think what he was mumbling while stirring that boiling

stew — and just what got chopped and diced in the process. 






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