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October 17, 2005

brains-free — a beer-ennial problem

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 8:12 pm

What’s worse than thinking about hordes of college students engaging

in drinking contests like Beer Pong and Bud Pong? (See NYT, “As

Young Adults Drink to Win, Marketers Join In,” Oct. 16, 2005)  For me,

it’s the thought of law students continuing to engage in this asinine

activity — leading, of course, to young associates doing it, too. 

tiny check And, what’s even more painful than criminal defense

lawyers making lame public statements about their

angelic clients?  It’s beer company spokespersons,

like Anheuser-Busch’s Francine Katz (properly berated 

by webloggers here and here), who wants us to believe

that Bud Pong contests at bars like Esso Club in Clemson,

SC, are merely meant as “icebreakers” to meet people,

while losing contestants chug water, not beer.



Our post back in June 2003, Law School Substance Abuse Still High,

doesn’t give me much hope that law students leave this foolishness

behind.  Nor does this Editorial from the student newspaper at the

Univerty of Toronto’s Law School (Ultra Vires, “Law Games victory

comes at greater cost?, Jan. 2004), which boasts of activities at

a Law Games gettogether in Halifax, Canada:

“In terms of drinking, most of us managed to get absolutely

wasted on most nights; one delegate even lost half a tooth

and another had to attend the hospital after valiantly subjecting

himself to alcohol poisoning. We also performed admirably

in the drinking games—a refreshing return to a mode of

competition many among us had not witnessed since

undergrad—taking down the most alcohol the fastest.

There was even some talk of strategically inducing vomiting

among our team members so that they could compete more

effectively in subsequent rounds.”



under the cherry blossoms

just a dab

of vomit 





this body of mine

part temple

part tavern


   from Dewdrop World (2005)


I’d love to hear from current or recent law students, especially to be

reassured that maturity and responsibility are the normal approach

to alcohol consumption by law students on their campuses.  For

now, I think I’ll add Drinking Competition activities to the list of personal

characteristics I would like to know about when my legal needs are

being provided by young associates. (see‘s “Law Firms Agree

to Give Clients Diversity Data on Legal Teams,” May 13, 2005, and 

The Lawyer/UK article), plus our reaction: no yoda quota?)  



kissing moon

a gentle drunk


getting drunk
on my arm
the tavern mosquitos

David G. Lanoue from Haiku Guy: a novel  


p.s. Having a substance abuse problem is no joke.

If you do have one, you can find some resources

with links at our prior post.                                                                                                          



6 innings

8 beers

  o  b  e  e  d

b   b  l  h  a



from games (pawEprint 78, Nov. 2004) 


  • by dagosan                                               

her beer breath —


we both have headaches 



 [Oct. 17, 2005]




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