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September 15, 2005

the wrong big pink guy

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 3:20 pm

Last night, Gwen Ifill mentioned that PBS had live coverage of the

Roberts’ nomination hearings.  Today, while Ted Kennedy was

questioning John Roberts, I thought I’d turn off my radio and watch

a few minutes on our local PBS station.   When the screen filled

with a large pink face, I thought WXXI was indeed broadcasting the



Then, however, my spirits dropped.  It wasn’t Ted, it was Barney —  TedKg

no, not Massachusetts’ Barney Frank — but that big, cloying-annoying

dinosaur.  So, I turned off the tv, and came to the decision that I really

didn’t need to listen to Kennedy vs. Roberts.




he makes

a fine windbreak —

sumo wrestler







the defeated wrestler, too
joins the crowd…
bright moon







his wife watched
the match…
defeated wrestler




translated by David G. Lanoue





FoghornG  But, seriously, I’m not going to miss the

Senate Judiciary Committee — As Jim Lindgren noted

there are just too many Foghorn Leghorns.  I am,

however, already missing summer. 



summer’s end –
my children try to teach me
how to smile




summer’s end

the abattoir truck

lingers around town






summer spate
muddy water pulls
the salmon home




“summer’s end–” – The Heron’s Nest  (Jan. 2003)

“summer’s end” –  A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices

“summer spate” – Haiku Canada Newsletter –  (Feb 2005) 





  • by dagosan                                               

a crack of lightning —

a dash

to unplug the computer


[Sept. 15, 2005]







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