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September 5, 2005

no tractor sound

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potato planting . . .

the old woman’s song

the rhythm of her hoe









factory shift change . . .

motorcycle wind lengthens

her strawberry hair





trashman small




lock out . . .

workers burn the editorials

to warm their hands







home from the war

not your prayers

he says just luck







dirt farmer’s wife

at the screen door–

no tractor sound









end of summer —

mountain wildflower

pressed in her diary




“potato planting”, “factory shift change,”

& “dirt farmer’s wife” – School’s Out (Press Here, 1999) 

“home from the war” – Modern Haiku (Summer 2005)

“lockout” — World Haiku Review Vintage Haiku from Randy Brooks 


  • by dagosan     hammockSF                                          


law office picnic —

the ump consults

his Blackberry


                          [Sept. 5, 2005]







Labor Day

the parade ends

at the mall


                    [Sept. 2, 2004]



hammockS  potluck

As it is Labor Day, I won’t write any new potluck blurbs, but

will merely remind all my visitors of the dignity that exists in

all jobs done well, and reprise a relevant post from this May:

luck or individual effort?

Matt Miller asks whether “luck” or “individual effort” matters most “in determining

where people end up in life.”  He notes that both Democrats and Independents

overwhelming said luck in a survey he commissioned, while Republicans said it’s

effort.  (NYT, Taking Luck Seriously, May 21, 2005).  Miller states:

dice “Try too hard to wipe out the inequities spawned by luck, and you 

banish luck’s societal benefits and go down the road of communism.

But harness a healthy awe for luck, and you expand the bounds of

empathy in ways that make a living wage for poor workers and great

schools for poor children national imperatives. What we’re led to is the

public agenda missing today, built around passionate commitments –

by both liberals and conservatives – to (1) equal opportunity and (2) a

minimally decent life, achieved in ways that harness market forces for

public purposes.”

 If Republicans won’t act on these moral imperatives, Miller thinks Democrats

should take luck seriously — making America more just by forging a victory

based on “values that can win.”  



tiny check  Oh, well, one tiny blurb.  Blawg Review #22 links to a lot of interesting posts

from around the blawgiverse.   My new-find weblog of the week is Grits for Breakfast,

by Texan Scott Henson, who focuses on the Texas criminal justice system (as oxy-

moronic as that may sound).  BR22 points to Scott’s post about new laws that went

into effect on Sept. 1st.



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