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August 21, 2005

hard peddling

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 6:49 pm

we’re here

we might as well build

a sand castle







marsh tide

turns around

a lily






canoeing pair small neg



hard paddling

the wind

dries my teeth









blossoms –

talk of bringing back

the draft





  • by dagosan                                               

the power boat’s wake —

a pair of ducks

gets goosed



[Aug. 21, 2005]



cautionEdges   orig.



tiny check  pun. what pun?  Thanks to Tim Weigel of the “KoizumiMacCareerAngstBlog
for getting past the pun and pointing to Yabut’s 1L of a decision.  On another

topic, how often to you hit the “insert” key inadvertently?  haikuEsq does it

a lot, and doesn’t even have the poor keyboard design issue raised by Tim.  

tiny check Evan Schaeffer notes that the Ernst v. Merck Vioxx case has spawned a lot of 

hateful anti-lawyer sentiment, including a crude Comment at his weblog. 

Running into venom like that is perhaps the least pleasant part of participation

in the blogosphere.


tiny check  NoBody’s Business has posted a great photo that shouldn’t be missed

by nannyphobes or nannyphiles alike.  See Caution, Nannies Ahead!

(via Walter at Overlawyered & BoingBoing)


tiny check  How long will it take before the title of today’s post spawns a

bawdy entry for The Inadvertent Searchee page?



                                                                            Hey, Ed & Laurice, Have a great vacation!  canoeing pair small neg



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