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August 20, 2005

lanoue on his own

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 6:27 pm

Thanks to the translations of Prof. David Lanoue, this website is adorned with

hundreds of haiku by the great Japanese Master Kobayashi Issa.  Nonetheless,

I wish David would spend more time drafting his own haiku (and his haiku novels). 


Here are a few Lanoue originals:


from a friend far away
express mailed





backyard moon

mosquitos rush the poem










flower illiterate

I wander the garden







the “Lost Dog” sign

nailed deep

into the oak



David G. Lanoue — see his World Haiku Assn bio page

“flower illiterate” – from Walking the Same Path (HSA Memb. Anthology 2004)

“the ‘Lost Dog’ sign”-  Frogpond XXVII: 2


  • by dagosan                                               

end of August —

bees shun

the wrinkled roses


[Aug. 20, 2005]



tiny check vioxx con dios: The blawgisphere is aglow from heated commentary on  scales rich poor neg

the $253 million verdict in Ernst v. Merck.  One could have guessed in advance

how the post-verdict sides would be lining up.  Ted Frank has some choice

observations; Walter Olson collects links; and Steve Bainbridge fears that

Merck will go bankrupt.  Evan Schaeffer reminds his colleagues not to start

spending their millions yet (and frankly notes that the Ernst case had some

major causation problems).  I’ve remained neutral in the “tort reform” debate,

but this case does suggest that juries can really go overboard with punitive

damages.  (The $229 million in punitives here will apparently be reduced to

$1.6 million under the Texas statute.)  With thousands of cases in the pipeline,

no single jury should feel the need to punish Merck so harshly.)

“tinyredcheck” Challenged to cap his own fees from Vioxx cases,

Evan Schaeffer links to a prior post in which he

discusses his approach to contingency fees.  In

the Comments to that post, you will find my humble

attempts to re-educate Evan on the ethical shortcomings

of the standard contingency fee. 


tiny check Thanks to mowabb at Blawg Wisdom for pointing to our post 1L of a decision.

BW aggregates “advice about law school from those who are in it,” but was

open-minded enough to give a cranky old coot another forum.  BW picked

up our link via our loyal visitor, Jeremy Richey.  Thanks, JR.



scales over



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