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August 15, 2005

despite the development

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A haiku break with Tom Clausen is always worthwhile:





we go to one end
then the other








       on the wall
   Jesus on the cross
above her side of the bed






       the development
                              deer path





long wait alone
in the parking lot…
a dog in the next car







out my childhood window
         tree sihouettes
           grown up




  • by dagosan                                               

shopping for sweet corn —

the attractive stranger

is very choosy


[Aug. 15, 2005]





tiny check  Both Ted and Walter at are taking on the L.A. Times series over the 

source of the Stella Awards and other “tall tales of outrageous jury awards.” The Times

mentions in particular the infamous (and very funny) “Winnebago cruise control lawsuit”

urban legend, suggesting that the tort reform movement is based on false tales like that one. 

Like Walter, I wonder whether the Times has attempted to find the source of the original

Winnebago tale and Stella Awards.  I’d love to know.  There is no doubt, from my own

experience, that the Stellas are believed to be factual by millions of Americans — and used

to show (1) how stupid homo sapiens can be, and (2) the need to curb frivolous lawsuits.

I can’t wait to see what Evan Schaeffer thinks of this tiff.


tiny check Overlawyered honcho Walter Olson is hoping Russell Crowe throws a phone at  . . .  “phoneRingingS”

Walter Olson.   Of course, the hypolitigious Mr. O wouldn’t even think of suing, even  

though hotel porter Nestor Estrada will apparently receive millions of dollars in settlement

from the impulse-challenged Mr. Crowe


dogFanN  With their usual panache, Patent Baristas presented a piping hot Blawg Review #19 

today — and we, um, borrowed their really cool dog-fan pix.



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