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July 29, 2005

lost in a field

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after the argument


the antique marionette







in a field of sunflowers
the sun






sultry night

the winning run scores

on a wild pitch




“after the argument” – mayfly spring 02

“lost” – from tinywords July 8, 2005



fasting for a blood test —

the phlebotomist

puts down his doughnut




cute receptionist —

handing her

a Medicaid card


                [July 29, 2005]



potLidG   potluck – the lid ‘s still on in July  

“tinyredcheck” Good news: the newest edition of Roadrunner Haiku Journal

[V:3, Aug. 6, 2005] is already online.  Along with fine haiku from a number

of haijin you can’t find at this website, there are three from “our” John Stevenson,

including this gem:


her hug

makes me think about

what’s in my pockets


In addition, Roadrunner launches a new Special Feature with “paired poems”

from two renowned haiku poets:

“The first installment of Roadrunner’s Special Feature showcases five

sets of paired poems by Robert D. Wilson and Anita Virgil from their

forthcoming book, Come Dance With Me.  These remarkable poem

pairs show a new development in collaborative verse which can only

be described as extraordinary.



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