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June 30, 2005

sitting on our hands in July

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 8:23 pm


As mentioned yesterday, the opinion-punditry-and-finger-pointing side of

f/k/a is closing down until at least the end of July.  haikuEsq will continue,

with alacrity, to provide haiku from our fine team of Honored Guest Poets,

while dagosan tries to hone his craft.  Prof. Yabut and ethicalEsq have been

locked out and are expected to take their tired old bones on vacation.


“noyabutsSN”  Sitting on our pundit’s hands for a whole month won’t be easy.  We’ve

tried before, rather unsuccessfully, to stifle the urge to opine. See poetry not punditry 

and one-breath punditry.  But, your Editor really needs to relax and show a little self-

discipline, and we hope you’ll wish us luck and keep coming for a daily dose of good,

genuine haiku and senryu.  Don’t forget: our ethicalEsq archives are always here for

your edification, along with our Google Search Box.


Hands and digits have been on my mind all day.  Haijin Gary Hotham

has a way with hands that I think you’ll enjoy.



this summer night—

she lets the firefly glow

through the cage of her fingers





hand to hand–

the unframed photos

of her life










in both hands–

the water she carries

from the ocean





raspberries in season–

all day I’ve needed

my hands





no place

to hide my hands

the rain begins





by dagosan:  

a piroutte

in her new swimsuit —

standing ovation






the tailgater 

won’t budge —

my middle finger twitches



[June 30, 2005]


jailbird neg  From Troy, NY, comes a nasty sentencing story: the jail-house tv- 

confession defendant, Phillip Pitcher, who killed the aunt who had given

him a home, railed at his relatives and mocked their pain — saying their

neglect caused his actions.  (prior post; Ken Lammers’ prior coverage)


tiny check I apologize to Lisa Solomon for not responding before our July hiatus

to her lengthy Comments on marking up outsourcing expenses.  I think our

arguments can stand on their own. 



                                                                                                                                  handcuffs neg

heralding my music baton

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 4:30 pm

baton n. . . . 6. Heraldry A shortened narrow bend, often signifying bastardy.

 (The American Heritage

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