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June 12, 2005

some sunday dim sum

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 7:56 pm


Savoring “dim sum” with friends on a lazy Sunday has always been

a special treat for me.  The four poets in the Route 9 Haiku Group —

Yu Chang, John Stevenson, Tom Clausen, and Hilary Tann, have a 

monthly dim sum feast, while sharing and editing their haiku.  The 

result is their biannual journal, Upstate Dim Sum.  Thanks to Tom

Clausen, I have the most recent edition right here on my desk.  It

is a handsome volume, with 36 pages of haiku and senryu.


Please enjoy a course or two with me and our Honored Guests,

from Upstate Dim Sum (2005/I):



just long enough

to leave an impression











planting bulbs

the ring I gave you

in sunlight


                 Yu Chang



dying light

at the corner of the shed

chickens peck away










big test day

she scrambles an extra egg

for his breakfast



               Tom Clausen






I hate

my job


         John Stevenson


mid-river there’s

one duck quacking —

dateless saturday night


                 [June 12, 2005]


tiny check  Count Me OutTalk Left is encouraging its visitors

to sign a petition proclaiming “Howard Dean Speaks for Me.” 

(Read more about the unrepentantly controversial Dean, here,

in today’sWashington Post., “Dean Urges Return to Moral



erasingS Here’s my petition (yet again) to Howard Dean: 

“You were chosen because of your fresh ideas

and your affinity with youthful voters.  We ‘adults’

in the Democratic Party would like you to start

stressing Ideas, rather than merely being fresh.

Arguing like a 20-something is not going to return

our party to a winner in presidential races.  Yes,

stress values, but don’t bury them under the mud

of silly name-calling.” 


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