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June 2, 2005

through patches of fog

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 12:25 pm

Gothic letters darken

on the granite slab–

graveyard lilac scent









Hot spring afternoon–

pollen on the arms

of the mermaid statue










The spring morning warms. . .

sound of the waterwheel

through patches of fog




(Birch Prees Press, 2002)




the screwdriver slips —

freon hissing

through an inch of freezer frost  


[June 2, 2005]





tiny check  The no votes on the EU constitution raise interesting questions: Would

the American colonies have ever ratified a constitution if their populations had

such diverse ethnic backgrounds, spoke  many languages, and they had to grant

modern civil rights and liberties to each person?   Would our states do so now, if

we were not already united?  Would our populations have the same distrust of

free market economies that Europeans seem to be displaying with their no votes?


tiny check  Here’s an audio response by Nicholas Kristoff to a letter writer

who questions the involvement of the U.S. in African problems like Darfur.

(NYT, June 2, 2005)


tiny check Responding to yesterday’s post here, “going solo with lowell komie,”

Carolyn Elephant at MyShingle asks “are solos really free?” and gives a very

balanced response.  We both agree that Komie’s writing about life as a lawyer

is excellent.


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