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May 19, 2005

WISTful posting

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I’m going to start presenting Wish I Said That excerpts from sources more

reputable, expert or elegant than I.  Many of the quotations will be from sources

not yet on the internet, and one goal of mine is to harness search engines to

help more people discover some of the best thinkers on the legal profession and

on the art and craft of haiku.  Our first WISTful posting features Lee Gurga on 

haiku and Sol Linowitz on lawyers. 


wisteria in bloom–
voices of pilgrims
voices of birds


       Kobayasgu ISSA,

           translated by David G. Lanoue


quote marks left culled by haikuEsq:


    “Wouldn’t it be great if there were a kind of poetry that could be

written anywhere, anytime, by anyone?  A kind of poetry that children

could enjoy yet even accomplished poets needed years to master? 

A poetry with the simple aim of making us aware of life’s simple gifts

and everyday joys?  An antidote to irony, consumerism, and narcissism? 

A kind of poetry in which the best journals invited all excellent work, no

matter who the writer knew or did not know?


    “There is: haiku is that kind of poetry.”

Lee Gurga, from Haiku: A Poet’s Guide (Modern Haiku   GurgaMug

Press, 2003), from the introduction, “An Invitation to Haiku.”


cool evening . . .

mother takes me by the arm

from grave to grave




long auburn hair

her cheek

flecked with autumn




quote marks right  selected by ethicalEsq:


    “Where does the responsibility lie for safeguarding the integrity and reputation

of the bar?  Obviously, with the bar associations, which have long held themselves

out as far more than mere social organizations for those ‘called to the bar.’  . . Few

economic developments or government actions are harmful or helpful to all lawyers . . . 

But anything that harms the reputation of the bar harms all lawyers; anything that

helps the reputation of the bar helps all lawyers.”  [at 139]


    “The feeling that lawyers are not trustworthy is the most debilitating aspect of public

(and client) attitudes today, but most lawyers feel themselves directly affected by it

only on rare occasions.  Their own clients trust them — and should — and in their own

work they stay easily within the envelope of the rules.  But there is one area where few

lawyers can avoid discomfort when looking at their profession.  The rhetoric of the

profession has long insisted that our system is one of ‘justice for all,’ that our court must

not ‘ration justice,’ but the visible truth is that we are not living up to our professed beliefs.” 

[at 145]

SolLinowitz  by Sol M. Linowitz, from The Betrayed Profession: Lawyering at the

End of the Twentieth Century, with Martin Mayer (Scribners, 1994), from Chapter 7,

The Job for the Bar Associations.

– Gurga and Linowitz with be back in this space soon.-



 quoteMarksLSN   Norm Pattis at Crime & Federalism thinks weblog pixels should be set in stone, once

posted.  Fedster, Kirby and I do some editing.  Let Norm know your opinion here.


tiny check  Whether you’re into Jack Russell [not Daniels] terriers or the intricacies of antitrust conspiracy

theory, check out yesterday’s 9th Circuit opinion in The Jack Russell Terrier Network of Northern

California v. American Kennel Club, Inc. (May 17, 2005), Case No. 02-17264 (via Fool in the Forest).

JRTCA would not allow any members to also be members of the American Kennel Club.  The 9th

Circuit saw no combination upon which to base the boycott claim.   I think the Court forgot — or

plaintiffs’ counsel forgot to allege — that the Terrier Association is per se a combination of its

members (competing breeders and sellers of JR terriers) and is therefore capable of engaging in

a boycott that violates the Sherman Act. 



  • by dagosan                                               


behind a school bus —

cotton clouds speed by

[May 19, 2005] 




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