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May 12, 2005

baby boomers’ blind date

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 3:00 pm


Tired of the stories –
someone else
getting to know me 







between my rush to be ready

          and her arrival–

                  a space










a long look

at the winter stars . . .

someone else’s wife




“a long look” & “between my rush” – Some of the Silence (Red Moon,1999)  

“Tired of the Stories” – Simply Haiku (Spring 2005)





from dagosan                                               



blind date 

blossoms past their peak              


                       [May 12, 2005]



tiny check Electronic Frontier Foundation has a thoughtful update on its White Paper on 

How to Blog Anonymously, discussing why anonymity need not in itself debase

the information in a piece of writing. (via beSpacific)

  • Pet Peeve: The EFF post suggests that information from a truly  saltShaker
    anonymous and unknown person (with no context or

    history) be taken “with a grain of salt.”   That phrase often

    seems inapt.  Something taken with a grain of salt usually

    tastes better than it otherwise would.  When caution is

    needed, I say “skip the salt; when in doubt, feed it first to your

    neighbor’s annoying dog.” 


tiny check The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has invited the ABA to take

a look at the state’s lawyer discipline system.   (via LSF)  I sure hope they

feed the MBA’s recent set of proposals to their neighbor’s watchdog before

swallowing it whole (see our post).


tiny check  Tinywords has a fine poem of the day by Bret Wooldridge.


tiny check  We’ve been dubbed The Haiku Police by Mansfield Fox, and consider it an honor.    copLight

We might, however, have to activate the Analogy SWAT Team: comparing the desecration

of the haiku tradition with the use of split infinitives is totally (as you youngsters say) bogus. 

By the way, MF, the rule against split infinitives has certainly been overturned.



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