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May 3, 2005

red hots

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sixty floors
above the sidewalk
carpenter ants








nude beach

the occasional beep

of a metal detector






hand prints


     “red hots!”

for an instant i’m ten


  father’s still alive




sixty floors”  Simply Haiku (Dec. 2003)




from dagosan                                               


picnickers fleeing 

a slate-gray sky —

lilacs aglow

                        [May 3, 2005]




“YYS”  Yesterday, in a post positing that the Jennifer Wilbanks situation may be less like 

the “runaway bride” and more like Sleeping With the EnemyConglomerate‘s co-editor,

Marquette Law Prof. Christine Hurt confided: “I’ve come to believe that crazy women

are made, not born.”  Similarly, in When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?George Carlin

says that “men are stupid and women are crazy, but women are crazy because men are stupid.” 

I agree with Carlin and Hurt on the general principle.  However, Ms. Wilbanks almost certainly

proves Carlin’s corollary that nature-genes- hormones can also play an important role in female

insanity.   Prof. Hurt concludes: 

“Maybe we should create a bride protection program, similar to

witness protection.”  

Mandatory psychiatric treatment (and maybe a lie detector test) should be part of any

such program. 

tiny check Yesterday, Hurt’s co-blawger, Wisc. Law Prof. Gordon Smith,

hosted Blawg Review #4 at the Law & Entrepeneurship Blog.  As

grateful as I am that Gordon linked to my Not Lawyers Day post,

I must disclose that he originally referred to Abnu as a former

“alter boy” — a condition that may indeed relate to Abnu’s post

on “benefit of clergy.”  (While Martin Grace was taking a break from 

posting, your Editor served as proofreader for yet another professor.) 



“tinyredcheck”  Add my name to the list of commentators across the political spectrum– including

Mike Cernovich, Prof. Bainbridge, Christina Hoff Sommers — who believe that many

college administrations must be getting severe hernias and slipped discs from bending

over backwards to appear politically correct.   Far too often , they appear to (1) have no

common sense; (2) have no sense of humor; and (3) have no idea how discriminatory

and arbitrary their positions appear out here in the real world.  The latest example is the

flap in R.I. at Roger Williams University over the dueling gender Monologues.   Are there

any grownups on campus these days?  (NRO, “V-Day Meets P-Day on Campus,” May 2,



tiny check  Consumer Complaint Corner: CitiBank Credit recently purchased the Sears

credit division, and sent cardholders notices promising “More great benefits.” 

Well, the first batch of those benefits were disclosed this week in a “Notice of Change

of Terms.”  The changes include (1) an increase in the annual interest rate from 11.58%

to 17.33%;  (2) a new late payment fee ($39 for account balances over $50 — even for

being one day late); and (3) higher minimum due requirements each month.  It has been

an eye-opener, over the past few years, discovering how impossible it is to get decent 

credit card terms (like I had in my pre-CFS, working days) since exiting the middle class.

  • By the way, class actions and class acts aside, some

    transactions should always be in cash.


tiny check  Will the Flordia Bar ever stop making fools of itself over advertising rules?  As if

pit bull battles weren’t enough, going after ice cream cones, and the phrase “expect more from 

your law firm,” leaves them with more egg on their faces.  See Legal Underground and Gerry

Riskin’s Amazing Firms.  I agree with Gerry that:

“[A] firm that publicly commits to serving its clients better and repeatedly

communicates that message internally to its own staff will raise its own

standards of service considerably and thus create competitive advantage.”



                                                                                                    – ’round here, ev’ry week is “icecreamweek”



to mom with love from

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You can team up with the FTC to help the mothers in your life become

safer consumers. This Federal Trade Commission press release (May 2,

2005) says it all:


She’s Already a Great Mom – Now Help Her Be a

Confident Consumer


This year, instead of giving your mother something she doesn’t need

for Mother’s Day, you can give her something she can really use. A

new Mother’s Day e-card that’s sent with love from you and

will let moms know how to keep their personal information secure.

The musical e-cards, available in English and Spanish at

and, thank moms for all they’ve done to keep us

safe and secure and remind them to:

  • Safeguard their Social Security number;
  • Read their bills and bank statements;
  • Exercise doubt and check out offers that come via phone or e-mail;
  • Report fraud to the FTC.


MomTwins50 2 click to see Mama G. with her hands full

in 1950 (your Editor is clueless on the right).



mother dog
testing the depth…
snow-melt river


my dead mother–
every time I see the ocean
every time…





holding it over
his mother…
the parasol



the sold pony
looks back at mother…
autumn rain




Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue  

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