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April 27, 2005

her signature

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in the pollen

on my car

her sigature






waiting for you–

the faces

of missing children




paper clip horiz neg



last piece

of a jigsaw puzzle . . .

filling in the sky




John Stevenson from Quiet Enough, Red Moon Press, 2004



  • by dagosan                                               

twin beds arrive


  she says it’s ’cause I snore





gray and rainy —

the passers-by

smile anyway                 



[April 27, 2005]



tiny check Stu Levine at the TaxBiz weblog has shared one of his most cogent pieces of wisdom

(“Fools and Knaves, Wall Street Journal Edition,” April 26, 2005):

“I have developed a simple rule of thumb in analysing conservative policy

pronouncements, the Knaves and Fools Rule. The rule is simple: Conservative

policy pronouncements are made by knaves and then the pronouncements are

believed and repeated by fools.”

Stu’s example of this rule is the recent WSJ assertion that the rich are being soaked,

as our tax code become more and more progressive.  Read the post for the details,

but here’s its conclusion:

Contrary to the WSJ‘s conclusion, overall, the various changes in the tax

code since 1982 have made the federal tax system less, not more, progressive.

That is, the rich are paying a lower portion of the overall tax burden relative to

their income now then they did in 1982 and the system’s progressivity is headed

for further declines.

The Moral of the Story: Only fools rely on “facts” bruited about by knaves.


bishop  Over at Legal Underground, guest writer Abnu does he best to explain why the Catholic

Church’s Canon Law asserts sole jurisdiction over priests who sexually molest minors.  

Decide for yourself whether you’re convinved.



tiny check  Weblog Exposure:  A check on my Referer Page suggests one possible benefit of Comment

Spam — it can attract first-time visitors and give you a chance to keep them coming.  Example:

someone queried Yahoo for kelly clarkson swimsuit pictures> and comment spam gave f/k/a

the #5 result out of 2430.  [readers of this weblog know we are not likely to have a pix of Kelly

displayed here; click here for a mug shot) Of course, when it comes to referals, a link from Walter,

Nancy or Marshall is a lot more effective and far more appreciated.


tiny check Congratulations to Ted Frank on his new job as director of the Liability Project at AEI.  I hope that

won’t mean Ted will no longer have time to add his two cents and more at Legal Underground. 

(Ted, you forgot Evan’s name on your “great lawyers” list.  Looks like a litmus test.)



tiny check  For a whiney (and also whinny) litany of complaints, with absolutely no constructive advice, see

this contribution by frequent Letter-to-the-Editor writer, Charles Faktor, a 1990 graduate of Harvard

Law School, who’s complaining again about his alma mater. (The Record, “The failures of HLS,”

April 21, 2005) (via jd2b)


paper clip horiz gray

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