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April 26, 2005

your local Bar & Guild

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As we approach Law Day, bar associations across the nation will be heard

congratulating themselves on all they do to promote justice and protect the public. 

(see our post)  At this weblog, “we” think such self-aggrandizement should be 

avoided in favor of a bit of soul-searching.   Most bar groups spend much of

their time acting like guilds — promoting the interests of their members, and

“protecting” the public from competition, information, innovation and choice.  Maybe

Law Day 2005 (May 1st) can be an occasion to re-align our priorities and become 

public service organizations, improving the profession for the sake of our clients, 

the justice system and the entire public.  


MassMap   In this piece, I focus on bar groups from Massachusetts, but I hope

you’ll ask how your local bar & guild compares. . . .


“tinyredcheck”  Click here to continue reading this post, which includes

numerous examples of guild-like activities, and an extended look at  

the recent proposals from a Massachusetts Bar Association task force

called “Protecting the Public: Reforming the Disciplinary Process.”



getting drunk

       on my arm

the tavern mosquitos





the killer’s hands

   fold a paper






mirrors, mirrors,


with my bald spot




David G. Lanoue author of the novels Haiku Guy 


by dagosan:  

one sparrow

along the river —

squinting, there’s no city


                          [April 26, 2005]




tiny check  Well, time for some whining of our own:  It seems that the proud home of

ethicalEsq did not make it onto the newest list of “high-quality [legal] ethics sites 

on the web,” despite lamentation over the dearth of such sites.  Our response: try

a lot harder from now on, or learn zen-Buddha indifference.  Right now, I’m hoping for

the wisdom of indifference.  (via Legal Ethics [we]Blog)


tiny check  On the other hand, we topped two very interesting search engine queries

over the past 24 hours:

national hair stylist appreciation day 2005> — coming in #1 and #2 of

1540 results in a Yahoo Search, thanks to our post about unappreciated lawyers. 

By the way, you should honor your hair stylist on April 30th. 



self-aggrandize> — coming in #1 of 29,800 results in a Yahoo Search, due to

our discussion of the disbarment of Jonathan A. Weinstein.   This result inspired us

to use the term again in today’s post above. 

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