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March 30, 2005

gotta go? depends

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children’s ICU

a tissue box beside

the pay phone








clear skies

the river dark

with old rain







wind-beaten marquee

saying only

“Coming Soon”





John Stevenson‘s from Some of the Silence (Red Moon Press,1999). StevensonSilence





from dagosan                                               

empty coffee pot

gotta go

gotta go

                  [March 30, 2005]



magglass   Martin Schwimmer’s Between Lawyer’s post “How to Lawyer 

When Everyone’s Watching” has sparked a debate between Tom Mighell

and myself about how much a lawyer should say on a website about about the

inappropriate conduct of another lawyer.  What Tom calls simple professional

courtesy I suggest sounds like professional omerta (an enabling silence that

keeps our dirty laundry in-house). 

More on e-shaming: Will Famia, at MSNBC’s Clicked  weblog

column, titled yesterday’s column Don’t make me blog you!

and led off with a link to our post on e-shaming.  Thanks, Will.

tiny check What the heck is H&K thinking?  As LegalReader reports: “A Tampa lawyer has

been promoted to the top ranks of Holland & Knight just months after an internal

investigation recommended he be reprimanded for harassing young female colleagues.”

(see St. Petersburg Times, March 29, 2005)


emptyPockets  The Federal Trade Commission announced settlement agreements today with

three major “debt services” operations, which the Commission had accused of scamming

consumers of over $100 million.   The press release offers good lessons for practices to be

shunned by honest service providers and avoided by all consumers.   Two consumer info

brochures are available online:


tiny check  The prolific Marty Schwimmer is seeking your input:  “Let’s talk about how

and why lawyers are hated.  And let’s talk about whether lawyers can, through their

blogs, practice and promote judicious thought.”  

tiny check Orin Kerr reminds us all to Become an Organ Donor.  Right Now, would be nice — microphoneF 

getting on the list, I mean, not actually giving up an organ right now.  Get info here.

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