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March 29, 2005

a square of pale grass

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 4:11 pm

end of the holiday
a square of pale grass
beneath the tent







first day of spring

all the fly-fishing books

out of the library








higher and higher

on the trampoline

spring rain





“higher and higher” – tug of the current: Red Moon Anthology 2004; Haiku Canada Newsletter XVII: 1

“end of the holiday” – Acorn #3 (2001) & A New Resonance 2 (Red Moon Press, 2001)

“first day of spring” – A New Resonance 2




from dagosan                                               

one small patch

of muddied snow —

the creek keeps rising

                  [March 29, 2005]



tiny check  I haven’t meant to be slighting Steve Bainbridge the past few weeks,  jungle gym gray

but I’ll try to make it up to him and get to one of my favorite websites more often. 

A quick look at his recent posts makes me opine:

– No matter what we’re told by the Vatican conglomerate that bought 

Jesus Christ’s service mark, Jesus Was a Liberal, and no amount of

can change that fact.


– Is there anyone who doesn’t know just how tightly bunched together the top

tier of law schools is when it comes to quality?  Do serious people (groan men)

really worry about a few rungs here and there on the Rankings ladder?  UCLwhAt?


About the Savings Rate: with the amount of debt so very high and so many Americans

having so little in savings or retirement plans, I’m a bit surprised that Prof. B. is taking

such a Alfred E. Newmanesque stance on our savings rate.  Unless the formula Steve

pooh-poohs is not the one being applied to other countries, it seems highly significant

that Americans are so poor at saving compared to the rest of the developed world.


tiny check  Another gem from my Referer Page:  Judging from the number of results for the

Google search farting lawsuit>, Ted and Walter at Overlawyered need to start a separate

page for this particularly odiferous type of litigation, which may also merit an intellectual

property subcategory.


tiny check Talk about naiveEsq!  When we wrote about the chutzpah of Connecticut divorce

lawyer Gary I. Cohen last October, referring to the “Success Bonus” he was seeking, we asked

“Should a fiduciary put the client on the spot asking for a tip?”  An article in NYLawyer makes

clear that he did a lot more than put his client on the spot (“Metro Lawyer Ordered to Return

$300,000 Bonus,” March 28, 2005).

“Gary Zimmerman claims that, when he balked at the high payout,

Cohen became angry and abusive, hung up the telephone on him,

and threatened to walk out of the meetings and “shelve” the settlement.

According to Zimmerman, Cohen and Grund stood over him and

forced him to wire $300,000 to each lawyer.”  

The article also has interesting quotes by “renowned ethics expert Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr”  noYabutsSN 

on the similarity between contingency fees and success bonuses.  (via John at Legal Ethics Forum)

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