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March 17, 2005

feeling a little Irish?

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St. Patrick’s Day

a traffic cop directs





spring green

on the scaffold a workman

swinging his feet






shades of grey break
into birdsong



by Pamela Miller Ness“dawn” – The Heron’s Nest (Dec. 2000)  (Dec. 2000)  shamrocksSN

“St. Patrick’s Day” – The Can Collector’s Red Socks (2003), a haiku sequence       

“spring green”  – A New Resonance 2 & frogpond XXII: 3






the little sake shop
open for business…
spring mountain



into the grass
at the shrine, pouring…
new sake



by ISSA, translated by David G. Lanoue 




Saints Patrick

and Christopher  —

sharing a drink and a ride





March 17 —

snow ‘s gone

snakes are back



by dagosan    [March 17, 2005]




shamPipeN  In an NYT op-ed piece today “Don’t Parade, Just Go Vote,” Thomas Fleming speaks

of the history of the Irish in America as different from those back in their homeland.  Fleming

says “But threaded through it is the triumph of a defeated people who used America’s

freedom to win their share of pride and prosperity.”  His main point is  “I hope we never

forget the importance of Election Day.”   

  • Of course, I hope we never forget how very American it has always

    been for the victors in American politics to want all the spoils and

    to help the new In’s at the expense of all the Out’s.  That’s one example

    no downtrodden minority needs to emulate — here or in the Middle East. 


tiny check   Thanks to John Steele for pointing to an interesting piece in the Harvard Law School

Record about whether Generation Y  lawyers have a “flabby work ethic”.   The author, 3L Raffi

Melkonian, makes valid points about every generation complaining about the one coming next,

while boasting how hard they had it. (“Us? Flabby?“, March 10, 2005)  However, I hope his

peers are listening to those in the profession worried about lawyer depression and unhappiness,

and that they will demand to have both a life and a career.    Some traditions need to be broken.


tiny check A headline over at RiskProf made me wonder how often the word “frivolous” gets   fedupskiF

misspelled as “frivilous.”  Of course, I can’t come up with a firm number, but there were 32,900

results just now in a Google Search for

to remember which vowel goes in the middle.  This is another good reason to fight against the

American tendency to pronounce most short vowel sounds identically.  Enunciate those vowels!


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