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March 16, 2005

the Volokh Cabinet?

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               Yabut’s Advice to the Law Lorn


                         March 16, 2005

Dear Prof. Yabut:


I know you’re retired and would rather be napping, but I really need advice.

Evan Schaeffer has been very busy lately (and he seems to specialize

in advising young associates who have very little common sense), so I

hope you’ll help a gender-neutral person in distress.


I’m a law student at UCLA and my problem involves a professor who is really

a big shot on campus and in the blogosphere, Eugene Volokh.  I’m a very big

fan of his, and plan to take all of his courses, so I need help being diplomatic.

You see, Prof. V. made a big mistake at his weblog, the Volokh Conspiracy,

two days ago, and I want to help him correct it, without antagonizing him. On

the other hand, I don’t want to be anonymous, since I’d like to get credit for my

knowledge, research and initiative.


The mistake showed up in the following posting (March 14, 2005):


click here to discover the problem & Prof. Yabut’s solution —


the woodpecker
pecks it to death…
the post

             ISSA, translated by David G. Lanoue  “NoYabutsSN”



tantalizing headlines

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icicles drip on the sill

   a pile of bills waiting

        to be paid






leaning back

in their chairs

old friends reunited



















one firefly

my childhood

before my eyes




Carolyn Hall  from .

“into” – Acorn 5 (2000) ; Haiku: A Poet’s Guide, by Lee Guruga 

“icicles drip” – Acorn 3; A New Resonance 2 

“leaning back” – Frogpond XXII:3; A New Resonance 2 

“one firefly” – The Heron’s Nest,





by dagosan:  

March sunrise —

back pain




                              [March 16, 2005]



coyote moon sf We don’t normally go for sensational stories or headlines around

here.  However, there’s a local murder story that would pique the interest of

even a zen master.  I’ll just give you the headline, and a little info, and

you can decide whether you want to check out this weird and sad tale:

daughter used to be her son” (, March 15, 2005); also see this

fuller account from the Albany Times Union (March 16, 2005).  An

autopsy shows the vicitm, who was posed to look like a suicide, was

strangled; the daughter who found her was convicted of manslaughter

in a strangulation death, when she was still the victim’s son.  The

unemployed daughter now has heavy-hitter defense counsel — our

less-than-beloved E. Stewart Jones. (see WTEN story, March 16)

At Legal Underground,  guest writer Abnu has a post about lawyers and   branding iron

branding that doesn’t give answers but raises some good questions.  (Find

our take on lawyer branding here, here, and there)


buzzyaward  Congratulations to Carolyn at My Shingle and Matt at The [non]billable hour 
for winning Buzzy awards for website excellence.

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