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March 8, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — March 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan“, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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                  [March 31, 2005]











empty coffee pot

gotta go

gotta go

                  [March 30, 2005]






one small patch

of muddied snow —

the creek keeps rising

                  [March 29, 2005]










her chocolate breath

mingles with mine —

easter sunset






hills behind

snow mist —

tailgater in the mirror






our chilly hug —

ice encircles

the island


[March 28, 2005]




more gray heads

at the easter meal —

withered cattails in the yard








easter monday:

three baskets

late but full


        [March 27, 2005] 




giant chocolate bunny!


or hollow?








when we were kids

it smelled bad —

decorating easter eggs





                                              [March 26, 2005] 



can’t hear

the compliments








Good Friday

the apostate

sees crosses everywhere

                                              [March 25, 2005]








floes jam

below the trestle —

a flood of warnings



                  [March 24, 2005]









the duckling

skirts the ice floe —

our river rendezvous





mom’s voice long distance    

first thought,

who died?


[March 23, 2005]




big thaw overnight –


on the river

                                   [March 22, 2005]








last snowbank —

the soccer ball


                                        [March 21, 2005]










spring arrives —
new snow brightens

old snowbanks


        [March 20, 2005]




frozen river–

snow hides

the elm’s reflection


             from Manichi Daily News

                  March 5, 2005 (No. 669)





I hesitate —

the plumber’s

offered hand






new leaves


savoring the winter view







St. Patrick’s Day —

drawing the

designated-driver straw



[March 18, 2005]






Saints Patrick

and Christopher  —

sharing a brew and a ride


                         [March 17, 2005]







March sunrise —

back pain


                              [March 16, 2005]











first warm day

her pale

gloveless hands                

                       [March 15, 2005]





the lawyer

represents himself —

the widow’s raised fist


                              March 15, 2005

                              Versaci v. Ritchie















where the man

fell in yesterday —

more thin ice


                              [March 14, 2005]









they point out

the differences —

meeting twins

[March 13, 2005]














mid-March thaw —

et tu,

(snow) buddha?







St. Paddy’s parade —

at the curb

green and yellow snow

                                                       [March 12, 2005]












new eyeglasses —

a duck,

or a boot, on the ice 

                              [March 11, 2005]















my childhood barber shop–

only the mirror

is different 

                              [March 10, 2005]











filling the pan

on the radiator —

icicles drip                 

                   [March 9, 2005]












just as slippery

in March —                 

icy roads                 

                         [March 8, 2005]







March snow

wanting more

not wanting more                 

                   [March 7, 2005]







men’s room sink —


the mirror 









March —

those big fat


                                [March 6, 2005]







the dog

gets all her kisses —

chilled by a wagging tail 

                                [March 5, 2005]









saffron flags  

above and below the bridge —

duck feet paddle by










the runner’s vest

blends in  —

through The Gates of central park




               [March 4, 2005]






setting a timer

to remember

to set the timer







first sunny day

in March —

her first smile this month

                           [March 3, 2005]











charming the pretty

bookstore clerk — one more

skill learned too late









winter wind —

i’m tired,

why aren’t you?

                           [March 3, 2005]




path to the river —

“fresh scent” wafts

from the dryer vent







he calls two inches

eight —

embarrassed weather man


                               [March 1, 2005]



blame bar counsel for letting Capoccia harm clients

Filed under: pre-06-2006,Schenectady Synecdoche — David Giacalone @ 4:31 pm

The federal fraud trial against disbarred and disgraced attorney Andrew Capoccia started today,

March 8, 2005,in Brattleboro, VT. (see, Albany, NY, “Capoccia’s federal fraud trial begins: Accused of stealing millions from clients”) Capoccia is charged with massive fraud — for allegedly

cheating his debt-reduction clients of $23 million and then conspiring to hide the booty and his other

assets. His partners have already pled guilty. (Rutland Herald, “Fraud case reveals ‘deal with the devil,

Feb. 10, 2005; Vt. AG press release)


update: March 9, 2005: see Albany Times Union,At trial, lawyer seen as predator or protector“; Bennington Banner, “Sinnott to take stand in former partner’s fraud trial.”

eyeChartN Whatever the outcome of the criminal trial, I believe that the Capoccia Scandal — the enormous harm that lawyers perpetrated on their clients — could have been prevented if bar counsel had done their duty in 1997 and 1998, when Capoccia’s debt-reduction business was launched and spread across New York State. Instead of acting, they found excuse after excuse for not even investigating, leaving many thousands of clients to the wiles of Andrew Capoccia and his law partners.


– read the rest of this story here


you look too
robber! dewdrops
in the grass




the mountain moon
gives the blossom thief







crying its cry
in vain…
the stepchild sparrow


all haiku translated by David G. Lanoue

ready for spring?

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spring breeze —
I teach my granddaughter


tax day —
a battery-powered breeze
stirs the desk chimes





“snowflakeSN”  Billie Wilson from The Heron’s Nest – a haikai journal

spring breeze” and “tax day” vol. VII: 1 (March 2005)



62 candles–

such beautiful memories

of things I regret



     Billie Wilson from  frogpond  XXVIII: 1




just as slippery

in March —                 

icy roads                 

                         [March 8, 2005]



tiny check Thanks to Walter Olson for reminding us to read the New York Times article   “shark tiny gray”

“Go ahead.  Test a Lawyer’s Ingenuity.  Try to Limit Damages.”  Of course, I might have

entitled it “Go ahead. Test a Lawyer’s Ingenuity.  Try to Limit Fees.”  (Cf. our Value Billing or Venal Bilking?)


tiny check  LA writer Peter Miehlman just can’t make a real commitment to see The Gates later this month —

but, he’d like NYC to be ready to set them up again, just in case.  (NYT op/ed, March 8, 2005)  Maybe he

should settle for our coverage, and score a few haiku, too.


“snowflakeSN”  “SnowFlakeSN”

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