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February 26, 2005

the fly resettles

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 11:59 pm


the fly resettles

in the same spot



a moment of doubt—

looking her in the eye

in the mirror




first warm day–

a tile reseats itself

con the patio



Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2004  

(Red Moon Press, Jim Kacian, ed., 2005)


a huge yellow moon

our argument fogs

the windshield 




we all help

blow out the candles —

dad’s 86th birthday


[Feb. 26, 2005]



tiny check What does the word liberty mean?  Is it as simple as Tim Sandefur suggests  noYabutsSN


tiny check When I saw the Overlawyered headline “Demand for shaker abstinence,” I thought some

zealots had taken over Sabbathday Lake or Hancock Shaker Village and were calling for

stricter enforcement of the Shaker celibacy rules.   No matter what ATLA says, Mr. Olson has

a sense of humor — Warning: Take With A Grain of Salt, While You Still Can.

finally, another legal ethics weblog

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 4:26 pm

On Feb. 12, 2005, twenty months after ethicalEsq first stuck his nose into the blogisphere,

we finally have another weblog devoted to legal ethics — this time, with professors.  So, the

f/k/a “gang” give their heartiest welcome to Legal Ethics Forum, and its editor/contributors —

University of Texas law prof John S. Dzienkowski, Cornell law prof W. Bradley Wendel (cv),

and Berkeley (Boalt Hall) law lecturer, John J. Steele, who is also a practicing lawyer (and


                                                                                                                    Sgt. Steele, original here  sgtSteele 


With ethicalEsq and Prof. Yabut back on emeritus/retired status, we’re pleased at the

thought of three active, healthy ethics professionals sharing information and ideas

regularly on the Web.  Here’s my unsolicited advice for the LEFers:

“tinyredcheck”  Please don’t forget the ethical issues that are important to the “average”

consumer of legal services (e.g., affordable fees; full information on rights

and options; access to justice, Self-Help and pro se advances; adequate

disciplinary systems). You can always click on our ethics resources page

for ideas (joining our “value billing” debate would be nice), or check our

daily potluck blurbs.


tiny check Don’t merely call for a discussion of legal ethics and the legal profession —

take positions, show some attitude.  Come on, you’re professors, at least

play devil’s advocate or issue-spotter!  [update: see Steele on Stewart for

some attitude.]


sgtSteeleF  Interact with the rest of the weblawg world.  If nothing else, regularly

check out Lisa’s roundup at Legal Blog Watch, and pick out a few other weblogs.


tiny check Join the discussion — by responding at LEF and/or leaving Comments at other

weblogs.   For example, in the past few weeks, we all would have appreciated

your input on: 

– the definition of the “practice of law” and ULP, as raised recently by HALT 

in Georgia and Virginia, and by MyShingle concerning Illinois, and The

Common Scold regarding California.  (see our post this week)


– the appropriateness of Pape & Chandler’s PIT BULL logo.


fiduciaries and their duty to disclose options.


– the broader definition of pro bono services proposed by an NYSBA



– the reasonableness of contingency fees in light of the lawyer’s fiduciary

obligations to the client — at MyShingle and, always, at f/k/a.


– the adequacy of indigent defense systems [Gideon report]– and the

comparison of public defender and assigned counsel systems (see C&F). 


– how (much) to pay assigned counsel and whether they should engage in

“strikes” that are really unlawful joint boycotts.

Welcome again to Legal Ethics Forum.  I hope you’ll help make the concept of “ethical

lawyering” much more than a question of following least-common-denominator rules — and

help define what it truly means to always put the client’s interests first.


in the harvest moonlight
unruffled, unaffected



hazy night–
sake is flowing
waterfall and moon



if only she were here
for me to nag…
tonight’s moon!



Kobayashi Issa – translated by David G. Lanoue 

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