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February 16, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — Feb. 2005

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crows neg flip

– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan“, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

 – click here for dagosan’s archive



a three-engine freight train

delays lunch —

two stomachs rumble


                           [Feb. 28, 2005]









offering a kiss —

she eagerly shares


                       [Feb. 27, 2005]










a huge yellow moon —

our argument fogs

the windshield 





we all help

blow out the candles —

dad’s 86th birthday


                     [Feb. 26, 2005]






a dear aunt’s cluttered desk —

checking email

from her guest room


                                          [Feb. 25, 2005]










pleasantly surprised

again —

full moon at the window


                                    [Feb. 24, 2005]










middle finger


middle finger





afraid to look

under the bed —

dust dinosaurs sleep

[Feb. 23, 2005] 










history section —

two honest presidents

                                                 [Feb. 21, 2005]









the visiting twin

driving alone

into a snow storm

                              [Feb. 21, 2005]









business lunch

starts with a compliment —

he raises his knife

                                             [Feb. 20, 2005]








digital age:

aging digits

at the keyboard











cirrus clouds and

a dusting of snow —

the midday moon is shedding


                                                 [Feb. 19, 2005]











pink clouds

in the bare oak’s crotch

the street-walker stares


                                                 [Feb. 18, 2005]











travel plans

penciled in*

*winter’s asterisk


                                       [Feb. 17, 2005]




dust on the spine

of each cookbook —

soup can in the sink

                               [Feb. 16, 2005]






where two boys

ice-fished yesterday —

two ducks swim

                                 [Feb.15, 2005]









valentine for

an apostate son —

novena card from mom

                                           [Feb. 15, 2005]           







give her a hand —

a perfect

snow angel

                                 [Feb.14, 2005








mailbox stuffed
— Valentines
from relatives
                            [Feb. 14, 2004 & 2005]










sealed —

the Valentine card

she never sent

                              [Feb. 13, 2005]









honest Abe  —

no one wears his hat

or fills his shoes

                                 [Feb. 12, 2005]




warmed by the sun

lit by the moon —

icy porch steps 

                               [Feb.11, 2005]





valentine sun

warms the kitchen —

tuna melt for lunch

                                       [Feb.10, 2005]









wondering where

they go in winter —

pond frogs and children

                                       [Feb.9, 2005]









can’t reach

the triple-word score —

the dog whines for table scraps

                                          [Feb.9, 2005]






sad chirp of 

the smoke detector —

another low battery

                              [Feb.8, 2005]










the sun sets too slowly —

driving westward

                                       [Feb.7, 2005]




at the sink

squinting at sunrise

and saturday’s dishes

                                     [Feb.6, 2005]










sunset tints

the cloudbank pink —

avoiding yellow snow

                                   [Feb.5, 2005]









can’t take my eyes off

the bird in flight —

wanting to know its name


                                  [Feb.4, 2005]







four Advil

at a time —

caressing the cordless mouse

                                                          [Feb. 3, 2005]





window view

icicle and branch —


                           [Feb. 2, 2005]




in the freezer, 

three starter snowmen —

cloudless sky

                                   [Feb. 1, 2005]

the dust settles

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through the open door . . .

her smile doesn’t forgive

all my sins



the daughter taps flour

into a mixing bowl . . .

mother’s apron tight


cedar walking cane

hangs from the coat rack

dust on the handles curves


“schoolBrooks” Randy Brooks, from School’s Out (Press Here, 1999)  




by dagosan:  

dust on the spine

of each cookbook —

soup can in the sink

                               [Feb. 16, 2005]



“tinyredcheck”  Issue-spotting 101: It seems that some of the greatest professorial minds

in the weblawg world never thought about Weblog Tips as possibly being income. 

TaxProffer Paul Caron sets ’em straight.  Where did you land on the test curve?


tiny check  Ealier today, I noticed that there were 32 hits on my Referer List for the Google coffee cup gray

Foods to Eat While Driving.  Speaking of issue spotting, try to guess them and their order

before clicking for the article from   (okay, a hint: Coffee is #1, Chocolate #10.)

tiny check I agree with Carolyn Elefant that writing about the ethical lapses of others can be

humbling.  She asks today whether lawyers who end up swamped with discipline violations

were salvageable or are inherently bad.  Both kinds exist, I am sure.


“tinyquestion”  Have you noticed how many USA-born webloggers spell the word “gray” with an

“e” [“grey”]?  I even caught myself about to do it last week.  Affectations-R-Us.  The

Fool in the Forest would at least have the excuse of hanging around a lot of British poets.  Not so

him, him, or him.  Of course, some of us naturally straddle the fence.


tiny check  Personally, I’m not as fond of the adjective “outrageous” as some webloggers seem to

be.   Before hurling verbal grenades or nukes (as opposed to raising a red flag or shooting a warning

shot in the air), it makes sense to consider the source of the story and go to some level-headed and

original sources.  Sometimes you’ll find the extremists were right, but creating unwarranted cynicism

doesn’t seem to be a helpful goal.


“tinyquestionN”  Ever wonder What Do Exit Polls and Flu Vaccine Shortages Have in Common?
An essay by Bert Foer, Bob Lande, and Mike Scherer, of the American Antitrust Institute offers an

answer. (Hint: it’s not just bad luck; think: excessive concentration, too few alternative sources).


“tinyredcheck”  The saddest thing about Charlie Rose‘s interview last night with the Godfathers of

Blog was their agreement that they all get enormous amounts of intensely angry and ugly messages.

Second worse thing: they all forgot to add the “we” back to “blog.”

potluck light

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Another round of hyper-punditry and commentary (here and elsewhere) has once

again left me exhausted and wondering whether I’ll ever learn the lessons my body

keeps trying to teach me.   With my renewed discipline, I shall spare you the details

(but see precursor post), and point to the new tag line in my masthead.  I’ve replaced

“punditry” with “potluck” — which Martin would surely have termed pot au feu.  I

hope the change reminds me to take myself less seriously, and to keep haiku

in the spotlight and center-stage. 


noYabutsSN  From now on, in addition to a haiku entree, look for very brief pointers

to things elsewhere on the Web that interest me.  Expect many of the same topics

that have obsessed ethicalEsq, Prof. Yabut and Jack Cliente.   This won’t be an all-

you-can-eat buffet.  Call it potluck novelle — tastier, healthier, and less fattening.



three meals a day
this trip, living large!
winter storm clouds


flitting butterfly–
after supper, a temple



coming to lunch
on the sleeping man…




the farmer’s lunch
on the scarecrow

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