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February 4, 2005

haiku circus

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 4:39 pm

We interrupt this occasionally too-serious weblog — and our crusade against the

5-7-5 haiku mythto point you to Haiku Circus, by Ken Sakamoto, “A comic strip

that combines drawings with haiku poetry (5-7-5 syllables).”

      logo/magnet and more at  haikuCircus

On the FAQ page, comic-haijin Sakamoto says:

Q: Is this really traditional haiku poetry?
A: It’s pop culture haiku. I break a few rules, but the syllables are still there.

We won’t let his syllable obsession keep us from smiling at Ken’s wit, sharing in

his frequent haiku moments, or wondering just what he’s smokin‘. 

  • Find the most current comic here.  And check out the archive.


the little monkey

chews on a pipe . . .

autumn dusk

translated by D.G. Lanoue

poking holes in a snowdrift

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 1:08 pm

holding hands . . .

until we reach

the blackberries





her leg

swinging, swinging:

the test still incomplete





grandpa’s cedar cane

      my son poking holes

      in a snow drift




“schoolBrooks” Randy Brooks, from School’s Out

(Press Here, 1999) 




by dagosan:  

can’t take my eyes off

the bird in flight —

wanting to know its name


                                  [Feb.4, 2005]



“tinyredcheck”  I apologize to anyone who has been trying to read the

now-completed jim kacian haiku how-to primer.  I believe I have

worked out the bugs and it should be readily accessible with just a


one-breath pundit

“tinyredcheck”Harvard Law School professor William J. Stuntz has written a follow-up to his piece from Nov. 29, 2004,

called Faculty Clubs and Church Pews“.  In The Academic Left and the Christian Right, Part II

(TechCentral, Jan. 4, 2005), Stuntz continues his theme that evangelicals and leftist intellectuals

ave much to learn from each other and many goals in come.  Well worth reading.  I wish Prof. Stuntz

would respond to my inquiry at C&F: “are religious perspectives broached in law schools?”


tiny check  I’m still trying to figure out why it so often seems that folks on the Left treat     “questionDudeS”

political opponents as moral inferiors, while those on the Right treat the opposition as intellectual

inferiors (see prior post and updates).  This is my best guess as of today:

Why the difference?  Perhaps because many of the leading Liberals 

fought their first politcal wars over civil rights, the Vietnam War and

Watergate — issues that could realistically be painted in terms of good

and evil.  On the other hand, many on the Right, started off fighting high

taxes and big government — issues that have more to do with intellect than

morality.  That set the stage for how each side views its adversaries.


Of course, the New Right — the religious Right — also tends to see disputes

as battles between good and evil.  That sort of self-rigtheousness is ugly

and unlikely to lead to positive discourse, no matter its source.

JesusLibSN  On a related topic, I’m about to purchase items from the “Jesus Was a Liberal

collection at — shirts, calendars, postcards, etc. are available.


tiny check The recent lecture by Justice Steven Breyer on “originalists” and constitutional

interpretation is now online (“Breyer rebuts ‘originalists’ in Tanner Lecture,” Harvard Law

Today, Jan. 20, 2005).  (find my summary at C&F).

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