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January 24, 2005

the only empty seat

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 2:57 pm

eyeing the spot

where our bumpers bumped–

snow in his thick eyebrows


diner dude gray


coffee shop . . .

      the only empty seat

      still warm



mourning dove

returns to the porch rail

        new snow fluffs off




“schoolBrooks” Randy Brooks, from School’s Out (Press Here, 1999)



by dagosan:  

staring match out my window —

I blink first

the squirrel scampers




full-moon stroll

after the snowstorm —

bright, cold, and lovely

                                  [Jan. 24, 2005]



one-breath pundit

“tinyredcheck”  Over at, Paul and Mary Mena have a nice new look,

and more great photo-haiku combos.  The last one, reminded me why

I often dislike buses and elevators, so I penned:

still here
after he leaves the bus —
stranger’s cologne

                                [dagosan, Jan. 24, 2005]


tiny check You can catch me proselytizing about Small Claims Reform, over at fr ventalone

Crime & Federalism today.  It might sound familiar to our visitors.


tiny check  Last week, I forgot to mention George Carlin’s take on poetry, when I

mentioned enjoying his new book, When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?   It’s

only one sentence: “More people write poetry than read poetry.”   I still like the book.


traffic cop sn The entire f/k/a gang is very glad that Prof. Althouse is safe after her auto

accident.  Evan Schaeffer empathizes, but wonders about the wisdom of admitting fault

at the scene and on her weblog.  Walter Olson manages not to mention tort reform (but,

I bet he was tempted).

did einstein wear hats?

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 2:20 pm

As my hair comes to look more and more like Albert Einstein’s, and I need to cover my tonsure on cold days, I have to wonder: Did Einstein wear hats?  If so, what kind?  And, what did he do about hat-hair? 

I bet his Memorial in D.C. was magical this weekend, with the snow and ice.

reprise: time is relative
                                       einstein head

me and einstein –
not aging
a bit
              [June 30, 2004, rev’d Jan. 24, 2005]

Albert Einstein Monument  . . . . einstein small
– visit with Al, Washington, D.C. circa 1980 –

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