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January 23, 2005


Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 12:53 pm

frosty morning

the carriage horses

turn a tight circle



a bumblebee

stumbles in clover


Friday evening

the chip shop counter

worn by small change 


“frosty morning” – The Heron’s Nest (Jan. 2001)

“mid-argument–” – The Heron’s Nest (Oct. 2001)

“Friday evening” – A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices (Red Moon Press 2001)




by dagosan:  

the Plow God builds

a mountain of snow —

can’t see the river today



licking the last smudge

of ice cream from the bowl —

snowplow scrapes the street


 [Jan. 23, 2005]


tiny check Recent hyper-punditry has left me gasping for air.  Masochists  “Prof yabut small flip”

may delve into Yabut-like posting on being politically-incorrect; seeking contest

odds; hoping for tolerance; eschewing slacktivism; and preventing ire. 

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