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January 15, 2005

the lost dog

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 5:22 pm

Winter moon–

the lost dog flyer

blows from the telephone pole



Frost-melt on windows–

a bird’s delicate prints

on sun-glistened snow




LillyShadwell Rebecca Lillyfrom Shadwell Hills (Birch Prees Press, 2002)


from dagosan: 

chain-reaction crash

on the sleet-slick bridge —

ice floes speed by

                           [Jan.15, 2004]

 one-breath pundit

tiny check  Another sign of how poor my beloved Schenectady has become — the position of

Consumer Complaint Investigator has been abolished (Schenectady [NY] Daily Gazette, Jan. 15,

2005, B1, $$, reproduced here) .  The retiring Investigator, Rick Gonyeau, says “As the retail

establishments closed during the years the numbers [of consumer complaints] dropped down.” 

Local residents will have to turn to state agencies for help.


dog black  Cynical in deed: The word cynic comes from the Greek word for dog [“kunos”], but it’s

the human being in charge of Guilderland, NY, who seems cynical to your Editor. The Town of

Guilderland is a small, wealthy suburb of Albany.   On November, 1, 2004, Town Supervisor Ken Runion 

changed the policy of the Town Animal Shelter from “no kill” to a “kill” facility.  Runion says the reasons

for the change included liability and costs.  What seems cynical about this decision is the fact that the

volunteer group Guilderhaven had just competed a donation drive, in which it raised $100,000 in cash

and services for the renovation of the Shelter, predicated on the fact that the Shelter was a “no kill” facility. 

(There are plenty of “kill facilities” in the region.)  The Town board had authorized Guilderhaven to raise the

funds and oversee the renovations.  The work on the Shelter is on hold, while the 12 members of Guilderhaven

attempt to get some answers from their elected representatives. (“Shelter’s policy change upsets backers,”

Daily Gazette, Jan. 15, 2005, B1, $$)



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