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January 14, 2005

biting my hand

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 12:36 pm

my New Year’s resolution


      toilet paper



dem donkey gray



shined by the storm

  the clip-clopping




  biting my hand

    at two a.m.









by dagosan:  


borrowed mystery —

a toilet-paper




snowbanks and 

snowmen dissolve —

all-day rain





 [Jan. 14, 2005]



                         A few observations for a crankier than usual Friday:

“tinyredcheck”  Chutzpah Poo-Bah:  You gotta love Prof. Bainbridge: he rattles his tin cup for donations,

but can also make fun of himself by offering to sell his weblog coverage — I can be bought.”  

It’s a sad commentary on something (readers’ intelligence?, the image of lawyers, expert

witness, webloggers, professors?) that Steve had to add, “P.S.: Before you get all worked up

about this post, does the phrase “tongue in cheek” mean anything to you?”


tiny check Count me among the skeptics when it comes to politicians or the wealthy, who

point to “public service” and “philanthropy” as reasons to lighten their sentences for

corruption and other peccadilloes.  And, just how many grains of salt should be taken

while the judge reads all the “character” letters from friends and beneficiaries?   He’ll defintely

violate the new federal health diet rules.  (Cf. Votelaw and this NYT article.)  



tiny check Congratulations to Bob Ambrogi  for joining the weblog circuit.  I’m wondering  proffedupN

how Bob and Bill Heinze of  I/P Updates were able to negotiate having a photo and mini-

profile at the top of their righthand sidebar, while all the other Networkians are saddled

with a big, ugly ad right at the top. 


tiny check Bill Heinze of I/P Updates engages in a bit of puffery today, with the headline “Welcome

to One of the Ten Best Blogs on the Web.”   Although not mentioned in the post, the List

by “Managing Intellectual Property magazine is for the best I/P weblogs.  The full list here.  

The green-eyed monster at f/k/a is waiting for us to be named one of the 10 Best [Haiku-Legal-Ethics]

Weblogs.  Congrats, Bill! 

The consumer watchdog/curmudgeon in me far prefers John L. Welch’s approach in his

TTABlog headline “TTABlog Makes The IP Blog “Top Ten   Isn’t that good enough?


I also wonder where — other than “on the Web” — the folks at “Managing Intellectual Property” thought the best weblogs might reside.


Caution: I/P Updates has one of those confounded scrolling-ticker-thingies across the top, which — especially, in conjunction with the flipping rolodex ad — may result in dizziness or fainting. 

update (Jan 21, 2005): Don’t miss Bill Heinze’s “inspired” Comment — the very first limerick dedicated to this weblog!  (Hey, is he calling me anapestic? I’m used to dyspeptic.)   Thanks, Bill, I’m sure glad you’re not from Nantucket.

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