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December 6, 2004

i double-dactyl dare ya, george

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 6:27 pm

My dual-webloggist friend, George Wallace has a birthday today, and treated himself  to a self-referential “double dactyl” at his Fool in the Forest site.  In honor of his not yet being 50, I decided to write my very first double dactyl (a form of light verse that is defined for you here — I had to look up the rules, too, as George bends them as much as he bends his oenophile elbow).

wine   Since I like my male friends to have interesting foibles and saintly wives, George and I get along famously.  So, here’s to you, GMW: Happy Birthday!


Another Forty-Niner   


bloggingly-bloggingly  joker vert
Georgie M. Wallace ’tis
Birthday boy, Poster boy
Old as the hills


Gianduia‘s Barrister
Fools in the Forest and
Sends out the bills
                                            (Dec. 6, 2004)      

 wine    p.s. Seeking a dactylian word for wine lover (oenophile didn’t work), I discovered  the entry for Gianduia at Wikipedia (thanks to the OneLook Reverse Dictionary):

Gianduia is one of the masks of the Italian Commedia dell’Arte, typically representing the town of Turin (and Piedmont in general). The mask depicts an honest peasant of Piedmontese countryland, with a certain inclination for wine, gastronomy and beautiful girls, while strictly faithful to his lover Giacometta, who is usually represented by a cute girl. . . . He is dressed (in the usual version) with a tricorn hat, a brown jacket with red borders, and has a happy humour.  The character of Gianduja was originally created as a marionet and is now Turin’s official “king of the Carnival“.                              







two scents on dog law

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 4:58 pm

Time Magazine reports that more and more “pet owners are seek[ing] justice

for the ones they love,” with lawsuits over custody, veterinary-malpractice,

pet-cruelty, landlord-tenant issues, etc., finding their way into courthouses

where the pets themselves can’t (yet) go.  (Time, Woof, Woof, Your Honor,

Dec. 13, 2004) (via How Appealing)


dog black  Naturally, Walter Olson sniffed out this trend a long time ago (with

blurbs on,  e.g., pet store liability, dog alimonypet assistance insistence, and 


For you edification, we stopped by and got some human-friendly links

(don’t use that word around sensitive dachsunds, please!): 

When a Dog Is a Lemon The odds of getting a sick animal at a pet shop are
disturbingly high. Here’s what to do if it happens to you. [we liked this
sentence: “It’s your job, as an owner, to train and socialize your dog.”] 

How Dog Owners Can Avoid Being Bitten by a Lawsuit If you’ve got a dog,
take some simple steps to prevent injuries — and legal headaches.

See Consumer & Travel in Nolo’s Encyclopedia before you travel with you pet. 

You can also spend some money on a 336 page book, Dog Law, by Mary Randolph,

J.D.  — or, for a pet law specialist, get the Dog Law t-shirt.


first snow bank –

stray dog leaves

a long-term deposit

                              dogosan   [Dec. 6, 20004]




tripping over the dog
night of winter rain


the dog stops barking…
lotus blossoms!


ISSA, translated by D. Lanoue



snow plows rumble

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 9:46 am

empty swallow nests

yellow leaves blow

into the creek




heavy clouds

the snowplows’ rumble

drifts into town



“empty swallows nest” from A Piece of Egg Shell (Magpie Haiku Press, 2004)

“heavy clouds” from HSA Members’ Anthology (2003)


snowstorm begins –  

got coffee

no half ‘n’ half

                                       [Dec. 6, 2004]


one-breath pundit  

  • Crime & Federalism discusses baseball and steroids; TaxBiz and TalkLeft, too. Does anyone know 

    the status of baseball under the Commerce Clause today?  In Federal Club v. National League,

    259 U.S. 200 (1922) the Supreme Court said baseball was not commerce — a position it refused to

    overturn in the 1985 Curt Flood case, involving antitrust law.  See USAToday/AP article (Dec. 6, 2001).

    • Check out AAI’s links on baseball’s antitrust exemption, and related sports issues.

                                                                                                                                                                                             at bat neg

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