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October 30, 2004

first thing we do — let’s kill all the cliches!

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day before yesterday
yesterday, today…
mountain cuckoo




Our recent kvetch about campaign cliches [synonyms ain’t sins], did absolutely no good.  Still,

we make one more very specific plea to America’s media, in a desperate attempt to preserve

the sanity of the nation:

Please stop saying “vote early and often” or variations thereon

(you know who you are)


vampC Your editor’s humble hope: by next Wednesday, we will no longer have to hear the

above-referenced phrase (which is attributed to Chicago Mayor William Hale Thompson) AND

no longer be tortured with broadcasters saying “Curse of the Bambino.” 


  • Prediction: deserved or not, with thousands of attorneys-at-election in high lawsuit alert, we will be hearing a lot more cursing at lawyers this week, and quoting of Shakespeare’s Dick the Butcher (see Shakespeare and Lawyers), should litigation prevent an election decision by early Wednesday. (see our Election Day plea.)

  • Prediction:  Coronation of a former ballet dancer in Phnon Penh does not foreshadow                   no w

    the re-coronation of a former male cheer leader along the Potomac.

  • Quixotic Jim Moore is dreaming of a Boston triple crown.  We’d settle for the first two legs.

  • Speaking of killing the language: Dave Winer and Martin Grace are continuing the weblog

    community’s sad history of lingusitic violence — amplifying upon the onomatopoetic “b-word.”

    This being a violence-free zone, I shall not repeat their neanderthal neolisms here.

Even without elections, Master Issa seems to have faced similar problems in 19th Century Japan:

sing, cuckoo!
you’re just about curing
my headache

our ceremony
just a lot of noise
to the cuckoo


haiku by Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue 



t-shirt clearance —  

not buying the Boston curse

even for a dollah


                                       [Oct. 30, 2004]


Update (Oct. 31, 2004):  It’s apparently a Hackneyed Halloween  (see Cliche Curse Recount).

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