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October 26, 2004

heads-up: hunter’s moon on wednesday

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Tired of political ads, with their faux hunters, cowboys and saints? Well, get off your if’s and but’s and head outdoors tomorrow night (Wed., Oct. 27) for a celestial treat — a lunar eclipse known as the Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon. Totality will take place between 10:23 and 11:45 PM (EDT). Below are a few lunar eclipse haiku, followed by info from NASA with folklore and facts.

[photo by Lloyd Overcash]   Hunter's Moon sm:

she cools her sunburnt

face …


world of man–
even the moon

a nondrinker
the harvest moon eclipse

from David G. Lanoue‘s novel The Laughing Buddha (click to read chapt. 1)

“world of man” and “a nondrinker” by Issa, translated by D.G. Lanoue

lunar eclipse
too much cloud
for his brand new telescope

…………………………………………………………………………. by the much-missed John Crook haijinx (Vol. 1 #1, Mar 2001)

You’ll find two more lunar eclipse haiku here (William Cullen, Jr.) full moon

and here (Yvonne Carbalona) at The Heron’s Nest.

    • [from NASA] October 13, 2004: According to folklore, October’s full moon is called the Hunter’s Moon or sometimes the Blood Moon. It gets its name from hunters who tracked and killed their prey by autumn moonlight, stockpiling food for the winter ahead. You can picture them: silent figures padding through the forest, the moon overhead, pale as a corpse, its cold light betraying the creatures of the wood.

      The Blood Moon rises this year on Wednesday, Oct. 27th. At first it will seem pale and cold, as usual.

      And then … blood red.

      full moon neg It’s a lunar eclipse. Beginning at 9:14 p.m. EDT (6:14 p.m. PDT), the moon will glide through Earth’s shadow for more than three hours. Observers on every continent (map) except Australia can see the event: The pale-white moon will turn pumpkin orange as it plunges into shadow, becoming eerie red during totality. Totality will take place between 10:23 and 11:45 PM (EDT). (more)

Hunter's Moon sm:

clouds encircle
an almost-full moon —
awaiting the hunter


so orange!
tawny, she corrects
— Blood Moon


floating on the river
Hunter’s Moon tonight

……………………………………………….. by dagosan 

dagosan’s scrapbook – 2004 pt. 1

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

 – click here for dagosan’s archive index



another stray dog



                    [Oct. 23, 2004]





just one glass of wine:

Google keeps asking

“Did you mean ______?”


                                 [for e, Oct. 23, 2004]






the silent crew scull –

coach’s angry bullhorn          

                                                 [Oct. 19, 2004] 






cold fingers —

sitting on my hands

before touching hers                       

                                              [Oct. 18, 2004]







first date:

she groans with pleasure

. . .  at my pun

                            [Oct. 20, 2004]


                   [election reactions:


late October 

tv on

sound off




“Entering Goose Creek”

the candidate

covers his behind






behind the bush –




Oct. 22, 2004 ]









the stale air

of an old man’s home —

opening my front door

                                       [Oct. 21, 2004]








seatbelts click —

wrinkles in the fabric

of freedom









she eyes his wrinkled shirt —

a seatbelt saves

another life

                                [Oct. 16, 2004] 








health food store:

unnatural sneeze

in the candle aisle

                                    [Oct. 16, 2004]










awake enough to notice


still hurts

                            [Oct. 15, 2004] 












expecting rain,

smiling at

the blue sky

                            [Oct. 14, 2004] 








holy-card clouds

in leaf-peeper heaven

— New Jersey


                                              [Oct. 13, 2004]








Columbus Day trip

red and yellow crayons

turn into stubs


                                          [Oct. 12, 2004]










place cards —

the aging bachelor dines 

with aunts, not bride’s maids


                                           [Oct. 11, 2004]










after corn on the cob

the photo album

– bittersweet

                           [Oct. 8, 2004]










waking too late

to see the dawn

– he pencils-in sunset

                                           [Oct. 7, 2004]










cute waitress –

no protest

when we say we’re old


                                        [Oct. 6, 2004] 







October sun

warms the bed

where’s that winter robe?

                                     [Oct. 5, 2004]










waking to Pledge Week –

beggars and bullies 

on the radio

                                [Oct. 4, 2004]









no nap

nor stroll

the writer grinding teeth


                                                [Oct. 3, 2004]






blinds open

to the midday sun –

summer’s gone                   

                     [Oct. 1, 2004]








thanks a lot,

clouds –

no moonshadow tonight

                                                  [Sept. 29, 2004]








just before

the pale orange moon

a bright orange sky

                                [Sept. 28, 2004]











rave reviews

for the lighting crew –

harvest moon

                              [Sept. 27, 2004]









exhaust fan


                       [Sept. 27, 2004]



scat, sun

clouds, too!

harvest moon comes tonight 



harvest moon

over Wal-Mart —

schlepping groceries    

                                         [Spet. 26, 2004]








no coffee brewing

no scent of love

to wake the hermit


                                                  [Sept. 25, 2004]





parents’ new home:

old bladders

one bathroom

                                 [Sept. 24, 2004]












siblings’ kids –

comparing their laughs,

our bald spots                   

[Sept. 25, 2004]








visiting mom and dad

faces and refrains

gettin’ old


                                        [Sept. 22 & 26,, 2004] 








last day of summer –

the old cat naps

in the sunny window         

                                        [Sept. 21, 2004] 









equinox stroll:

cold fingers

and sunglasses

                                             [Sept. 21, 2004]








caught hiding the stash –



                                           [Sept. 19, 2004]


  . . . . . 


street closed

for the Saturday Faire

the only sound is rain


                                           [Sept. 18, 2004]






unsummer day:

crisp morning

long, hot shower

                                          [Sept. 17, 2004]





ceo and counsel

deposit their checks —

none for the pensioner    


                                                 [Sept. 16, 2004, for bjg] 







October peonies –
still perfect
from the curb  

[Sept. 15, 2004]





supine at noon

sunshine spotlights

one big toe

[Sept. 14, 2004]






a breeze! 

a draft!

the window fan stirs debate     


                                                 [Sept. 13, 2004] 





september 12


and hurricanes


                                      [Sept. 12, 2004]





missing legs:

the double amputee


[Sept. 11, 2004]








hearing her pleas


her lies


            [Sept. 10, 2004]  












laundry day

more steps

than last week


             [Sept. 9, 2004]






not a dream

the mirror reflects

yesterday’s bad haircut


                                          [Sept. 8, 2004]










first day of school

bus stop horseplay 

wakes the empty-nester


             [Sept. 7, 2004]









no hot water –




                                        [Sept. 5, 2004] 










filing nails

folding briefs

the retired lawyer           

                                        [Sept. 4, 2004] 








the mosquito mugging

                                  [Sept. 3, 2004]







Labor Day

the parade ends

at the mall


                         [Sept. 2, 2004]











and syllables —

fewer is better

                      [Sept. 2, 2004, for Madeleine Kane]





ancient snapshot

their last smiles

for the camera


                         [Sept. 1, 2004]











“MRI negative” —

the same

jolt of pain                        

[Aug. 30, 2004]






extra-long shower —

haiku moments

down the drain

                              [Aug. 29, 2004]











soap-stung eyes —

an eight-year-old’s face

flashes in the mirror


                                        [Aug. 28, 2004] 










cement truck?

washing machine?

inside the MRI










orange, yellow, pink

what would you name this rose?

Day Breaker                         

[Aug. 24, 2004]







just below

the “riverview apartment” —

ten ripe garbage cans


                                        [Aug. 27, 2004] 









the groom’s family


at the bride’s family plot


                             [Aug. 26, 2004]











honking at my window —

geese above

cabbie below

                        [Sept. 19, 2004]








honking at my window —

frowns for the cabbie

smiles for the geese







sleepless night

she won’t stop

leaving me alone            

                                        [Aug. 21, 2004] 







clock tower with crescent moon

—  only the moon

follows us home                           

                 [Aug. 20, 2004] 







web-server down: 

bugs but no net

                                      [Aug. 19, 2004] 








typing stops —

laptop activist

gets off his butt                          

[Aug. 17, 2004]



[for Dafur’s victims]


their babies

never cry

never stop crying

[Aug, 25, 2004]       







it is!   it isn’t!

genocide – –

just stop it         

                  [Aug. 16, 2004]







GameBoy off —

father and son 

same show, same laugh

                                            [Aug. 15, 2004]








baker’s dozen

bagels — we eschew


[Fri., Aug.13, 2004] 






the garbage bag lands —

squirrel and I 

startle eachother








to-read list

and summer corn

growing, growing


                                [Aug. 12, 2004]









a good nap

rudely interrupted –

Urgent mail   









two flat tires and

a broken lug wrench:

the shy neighbor asks for help










     passing on a sharp curve —

take a deep breath

[Aug. 8, 2004]








flawless hosta  

between finger and thumb —

it’s real!

                                             [Aug. 7, 2004]





waking, the agnostic asks

who dried the dishes

and hung that sun? 

                                   [Aug. 6, 2004]

                                           Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) 









a good pout

rudely interrupted

by impatiens

                          [Aug. 5, 2004]










mailing the letter

to the editor

making points, enemies

                                   [Aug. 5, 2004]








last night’s gentle breeze

chilly at dawn: 

bedroom fan













hardboiled mystery:

one peels easily

one doesn’t

                                 [Aug. 3, 2004]










tossing all night —

bedtime meds  

nestled in the pill box            [Aug. 2, 2004]












a welcome smile

from the past —

obituary photo












old dog and master


for the tiny spot of shade



                        Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) 












the unset alarm clock –

late for church again












cycle of life?

human stain?

another laundry day











waking from a young man’s dream

last night’s body

creaks and groans









laptop warranty 

expires today –

surfing without a net                [7-27-04]











the insomniac sleeps through

the acceptance speech    











the boys grudgingly

share the hanging tire –

swing doters    












in bed 


with a nagging back










in bed 

with a nagging











to a leisurely brunch –

the migraine starts                         [7-24-04]









dad’s armchair

hindsight is

20/40                        [7-17-04]







July escape –

pensioner parked

      in front of a fan










the child runs

in tears —

“mommy, that man smiled at me!”                               














at my bedroom window 

the garbage truck                      [07-20-04]











she hears 
the repair estimate —

car sick                        [07-19-04]









waking fully dressed —

the sun brighter

than the bedside lamp











the old man stops

at a green light

driving into the sunset                        [7-17-04]




jaws clenched














mottled gray sky


grow louder                        [7-15-04]













false dawn

the paperboy hits

the snooze button                        [7-14-04]










empty punchbowl:

husband and wife

avoid the mistletoe











arm too short

hand too wide —

the space between sink and stove            [07-12-04]














Sunday ritual

coffee’s ready 

the paperboy’s late 












the taste

of coffee –

the aftertaste 










moonless night — 
above our yard 

the Goodyear Blimp


[trying to work a theme: 

frog and I


the mosquito


~ ~ ~ ~




mosquito buffet —

mangia, frogs!

mangia, bats!

~ ~ ~ ~






mosquitos for dinner —

please, mr. frog,

no leftovers



the late-riser

stays for an encore:

eyelid lightshow










by the old guy 

in the men’s room mirror                  [07-05-04]









holiday starts

like any day

toilet flushes                         [07-04-04]










children’s voices rise

one neighbor frowns

one smiles                          [07-03-04]












follow fireworks

                          [07-02-04, for e.m.]








“maintain tunnel speed”

heavy foot
suddenly light

                                           [dag, 07-01-04]  










highway patrol:


then helicopter








new paperback – –
the sun sets 
without me

                      [dag, 06-29-04; thanks a.f.] 

                              The Heron’s Nest  (March 2005)   





puckish boy
blows out 5 candles 
boomer dad beams, yawns


                        [dag, 06-28-04 – for James’  4th birthday










soccer novice 
practices his footwork: 
daughter teaching dad


                                    [dag, 06-27-04]    








still learning 
to chew slowly: 
peanut butter on toast
                                [dag, 06-26-04]











summer blockbuster

fireflies outdo



          [dag, 06-24-04]










comparing aches 

before the show —

senior organ recital

                               [dag, 06-23-04, thanks r.n.]  












her dimpled smile! 

no exclamation point 


                            [dag, 06-22-04, for k.g.]  










fireflies join

the solstice party


                               [dag, 06-20-04] 










winding road —

constantly shifting

the sun visor







high bridge:

clouds with trailers

right lane only

                     [dag, 06-19-04]









summer’s here!

worked up a sweat


[dag, 06-18-04]







guest room

old friend
on an old mattress

[dag, 06-13-04] 









it’s pink! it’s purple!

sunset inspires 

    more bickering


                                      frogpond  XXVIII: 2 (2005)









down in front!

geese upstage the hawk’s


                       [dag, 06-05-04]






full tummies
empty bladders
not for long

[dag, 06-10-04] 



may I
please turn the page?
fly on my thumb

        [dag, 06-09-04] 



have you
finished this page yet,
fly on my thumb?

        [dag, 06-10-04]



baker’s dozen 
of hovering stars 
– anny’s thirteen!

[dag, 06-04-04]   



stars gather 
fireflies ignite  
anny’s thirteen!

[dag, 06-04-04]   



storm alert
every kind of cloud  
in one sky

    [dag, 06-02-04]   Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) 



a vulture discovers  
the roadkill deer 

                           [dag, 06-01-04] 



gold star nana   
holds one small hand
remembers another
                               [dag, 05-31-04]





the late Spring day
colder than it looked
                               [dag, 05-30-04]





New Guinea   
dad rather not 
talk about it
                               [dag, 05-29-04]





green carpet   
turned white overnight 
pollen magic
                               [dag, 05-28-04]




lovely new nurse:

ID’s flipped over

under her smile

              [dag, 05-26-04]






on a pudgy finger:

where’s your mommy?

              [dag, 05-21-04]





butterfly’s birth

– the unpacked swimsuit smells

of moth balls

               [dag, 05-14-04]




hot day in May —

too sticky to search

for summer clothes

                 [dag, 05-13-04]





. . hug on an angle –

it’s her due date

              [dag, 05-07-04]




the dogwood blooms:

a fat lady on tiptoes

enhales deeply

                   [dag, 05-01-04]




new paperback

the sun set without


                         [dag, 04-29-04] The Heron’s Nest  (March 2005) 



parka on its hook –

a Spring day colder

than it looks

                               [dag, 04-25-04]




earth’s birthday:

recycling our Valentine


             [dag, 04-22-04]



no more piggyback —

he’s tall enough to smile down

at my baldspot

                [dag, 04-15-04]





break out of eggshells

walk on eggshells

                         [dag, 04-09-04]



hardboiled eggs:

one peels easily

one doesn’t

                  [dag, 04-06-04]




two hours late:


                    [dag, 04-05-04]





mr. moon –

hanging ’round the neighborhood

day and night

                       [dag, 04-03-04]





from here

they could be mountains –

clouds at sunset

                [dag, 04-03-04]   Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005)




warm enough

to sit on the bench

– for two minutes

                         [dag, 03-24-04]






colder than my fingers –

first day of Spring

                    [dag, 03-20-04]






winter’s last day –

early signs of Spring

covered in white

                      [dag, 03-19-04]





St. Pat’s Day:

clearing out snow

not snakes

                      [dag, 03-16-04]





the ice floe
flaps and flies away:
see gullible
                   [dag, 03-10-04]




morning runners
stroll this afternoon –
ice floes
                   [dag, 03-08-04]





traffic stops:
living next door to
an ice jam
                      [dag, 03-06-04]




one glimpse
of the misty river –
brain fog lifted

               [dag, 03-06-04]




noticed that tree until
this sunset



after writing all day
sore butt, too



almost dusk
driving while distracted
by tree after tree





Homer was right:
the waking sun makes
rosy fingers





new desk chair
different body parts
ache tonight

                   [dag, 02-20-04]




winter twins – 
only one tree blossomed 
last Spring

                      [02-17-04, for DSB]


winter twins – –

which tree blossomed

last Spring?

         [dag, 02-17-04, rev’d -3-13-04, for DSB]

           Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) 




smoke and shouts
from apartment two 
new neighbors



Feb. 14 . . .

mailbox filled with cards

from relatives





mom’s genes:

coffee-talk about






frozen waves

hello-goodbye along

the icy river

                   [Feb. 9, 2004]




digital age –

at the keyboard watching

aging digits







moon and light bulb

burned out





sunset upstaged:
a flying squirrel becomes
a star





attractive nuisance:
tripping on a rock while 
tripping on the moon




the early alarm
is quickly forgiven:
pink-cloud morning 


waiting undressed
to meet the new doctor
cold feet

               [01-27-04 (thanks, Alice]




waking alone 
the morning after:
dirty dishes




four-day deep freeze   
three children stand still    
on the river





cloud-covered twilight   
re-setting the printer    
to grayscale




each day
a bedroom delight –    
stained glass window  





the river’s frozen:    
can we walk on water  




never knew   
the name of that alley:  
new eyeglasses




so cold outside   
the furnace never stops–  
windows cracked an inch




afghan warming  
on the radiator —  
brilliantly misplaced




she lures me to the kitchen  
peeled tangerine
                                 [01-03-04, HSA, 2004 Members’ Anthology]



hours of screeching 
bring no reply 
where’s my internet?

dining alone:  
new New Year’s tradition, 
with egg salad


warm enough 
to linger at the river 
year-end bonus





white to pink– 
who painted the clouds while 
we shopped for wine?
                                         [12-27-03, Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) ]





through sleepy eyes: 
a crow glides past the window
then the hawk





rain pelting snowbanks —
icy sidewalks lead to 
mist on the river


travels through his chest
no trip home this year




last stamp licked
the holiday enelope 


lips and tongues
our traditional Christmas





nobody bothers to find
the mistletoe





blue sky
behind bare branches
year-end bonus
                              [12-18-03, Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) ]




Tuesday lunch –
“rains ev’ry darn weekend”
says dad’s dementia 




stomache ache
has all my attention
no haiku today?





two feet
of snow out the window —
mine stop at the door




typing stops —
a perfect cloud floats past
the window-framed sky 





no one in sight
     she’s hugging warm laundry
       straight from the dryer


alone –
warm laundry

     [06/12/04, The Heron’s Nest March 2005]


birthday week
thought after thought about
body parts




fingers like ice —
remember when I liked
that Eagles song?

trickle of blood
in the same spots each day
decades shaving face





first glimpse
of the just-lighted tree
full moon parts the clouds




this neck
achier than ever
fifty-fourth birthday







after gnocchi bolognese

birthday boy grows









sitting indoors
with cold fingers and toes
Middle Age lament







poking a cold nose
from under warm blankets
that squirrel and I







summer foe
a winter friend
sunny window 







thank you, glacier,
for letting that river
follow this highway







scraping the windshield
first snowfall without you
and our garage





truckload of spruce –
roadside survivors

at attention




 – click here for dagosan’s archive index


avoiding a certain letter/leader

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 12:29 pm

Although shunning overt politics today, I’m going to try to pen an entire posting sans

the letter of the alphabet that follows “v” (and then look ahead to a similar Inauguration

Day come January ’05).  

                                                                                                                                                                        at bat neg

  • My baseball-loving, parent-poet-teacher friend from Rochester, NY, Tom Painting,

    has a pair of haiku that fit this artifice:                                                                                      


bases loaded

a full moon clears

the right field fence



the toddler

runs to third base



piano stool from the haiku chapbook piano practice

(Bottle Rocket Press, 2004)


by dagosan: 

first night at her place –

three-dog gal

no-dog guy

                                       [Oct. 26, 2004]




one-breath pundit  

  • Sleeper-berth seatbelt violation?  See May it Please the Court (and see seat-belt haiku)

  • Is linking by big-name bloggers a negative externality?  Read Prof. Grace. (no guilt here)

  • Bravo to the federal 3rd Circuit appeals court for fining Janice Haagensen $45K for

    bringing frivolous appeals.  (, Oct. 26, 2004; via LegalReader)).  It was a civil

    case but reminds me of a question I’ve often had:  Does an indigent defendant have

    the right to a frivolous appeal?  It sure looks like it in practice.

does this count?   no w get sticker here

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