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October 22, 2004

getting goosed to the polls

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 5:50 pm

goose   The Fool in the Forest is no silly goose, but he wonders just “What is up with Senator Kerry and geese?”

(see NYT)   For some reason, this has inspired haikuEsq and friends to engage in a little foolishness. 


Master Issa[for more geese haiku from Issa,translated by David G. Lanoue, click here;]


big bridge–
the hunter is followed
by a goose


the departing goose
drops an enormous


scrawny goose–
no partner flies north
with you

And, dagosan:

“Entering Goose Creek”

the candidate

covers his behind



behind the bush –






bumps – –

UCL switches to Bush                


[Oct. 22, 2004]




honking at my window —

geese above

cabbie below

                        [Sept. 19, 2004]



down in front!

geese upstage the hawk’s


                                  [dag, 06-05-04]


More seriously, Anna Holley, from her White Crow Haiku (online at AHA! Poetry) . . . . fly south gray 



autumn here early
over a ridge of hills
geese-shaped clouds


geese gone
one white feather
settles on a reed

  • goose-egg pundit   

    • exit f  Exit Strategy revisited:  Condelie R.:  “But, sir, if we get the sovereign Iraqi government to demand, just before our Election, that we pull out all troops before their Election, we wouldn’t really have to  . . . . . . . “

    • Is the fine redistricting system in Texas part of the democratic model Pres. Bush hopes to export? 


    • loosey-goosey Judicial Politics:  See Overlawyered re Illinois;  and see the results of Judge Bauer’s dismissal just last week from the bench in Troy, NY. 


      1. Republicans had No Candidate, because Bauer decided (selfishly) to run again for election

      2. Troy Republicans quickly nominated Assistant District Attorney Robert Ahearn (Oct. 15)

      3. Republican-dominated City Council chooses Ahearn to fill the vacant judgeship

      4. Republican Mayor quickly swears in Ahearn as City Judge (Oct. 21, 2004)

      5. Robert Ahearn gets to run as Judge Ahearn, incumbent

      6. Only 7 days after starting his judicial election campaign and stating “We’re going to try to visit every house in Troy in the next 18 days, ” Ahearn says “I intend to get to work immediately” as city court judge.  I guess cleaning out his D.A. office will have to wait, for the busy new judge.  [According to the 2000 census, there are 49,000 people and 19,996 households in Troy]

    • Pontificatin’ Professor Martin Grace huffs and puffs about Florida’s insurance pool paying hurricane welfare to the rich. (, Islands top claims payouts, Oct. 22, 2004)  Good for him.

goose n

getting welched

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 2:09 pm

As this consumer advocate mellows, he has discovered that being “welched”

can be a very pleasing experience:


twilight lingers . . .
from the wrecking yard
flash of a blowtorch



noon sun
picnic cheese


a table for one–

leaves rustle

in the inner courtyard


             click here for full photo and poem . . .  leaves rustle neg


credits:  “noon sun” – The Heron’s Nest

             “twilight lingers” –  The Heron’s Nest

            “a table for one” – Open Window

    • Etymology and political correctness both intrigue me.  Why does the American Heritage Dictionary 

      say “origin unknown” for the verb “welsh/welch“, but notes that the verb “gyp” is “Probably short for

      Gypsy,” and “jew” is “From Jews’ supposedly extortionate practices as moneylenders in the Middle Ages”?

    • It’s official, as we reported yesterday, the Florida Bar has notified the State’s Supreme Court that it will 

      petition for review of the 800-PIT-BULL case.)

    • medbag  Our weblog friend UCL has announced that he’s switching his vote to President Bush, because he now appreciates the need to be decisive.  Although UCL hasn’t persuaded me (decisively doing what is best for the wealthy and what you always wanted to do anyway, despite the facts — virtue or vice?), I’ll keep reading him — unlike a silly, anonymous Commentor, who supports Kerry and will now boycott UCL.

    • Not fun: kids getting welched out of Halloween — caving in to pressure from the wiccans and the religious.

       (Bainbridge sighs – myopically, of course)

first cold night–

smell of hot dust

from the vent


                           click here for full photo and poem from Michael D. Welch’s  Open Window first cold neg

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