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October 9, 2004

headin’ to a weddin’

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yin yang


Best wishes to Blake & Robin for a long, nurturing, healthy marriage.  Blake is my eldest nephew

(see cute childhood photos here).  The couple already collaborates at What’s Goin’ On.  Welcome

to the family, Robin and Sabrina!


I think George Swede, psychologist-professor-poet, can shed some light on the subject of marriage:


at the height

of the argument   the old couple

pour each other tea




I forget my side

of the argument



cold dawn rain

I turn to touch

my wife



Soon a butterfly

from the cocoon    I study

my marriage



on the face

that last night called me names

morning sunbeam



(Brooks Books, 2000) 



seesaw  Meanwhile, “Uncle David” plans to relax and enjoy a joyous family event, while looking for Ms. Right [Widow Wright?].



fixing the NYS divorce machine

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The Matrimonial Commission convened by NYS Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye is in the news just as I’m getting ready to drive to my nephew Blake‘s wedding.  The Commission “is charged with examining every facet of the divorce process in New York and recommending reforms to correct existing problems.”  There is a public hearing coming up in Albany in early November and ethicalEsq might just have to click on the registration form link and participate. 


bridegroom over  Issues of interest to our “former” editor include: how custody disputes can be resolved in a more child-friendly manner, the role of divorce mediation (in the sole state without true no-fault divorce), and assistance for pro se litigants, along with the training and pay for court-appointed counsel. 




waiting room–

the ex-wife

looks past me


no longer married

only their shadows touch

. . . graduation day


(Red Moon Press, 2001) Credits: “waiting room” originally published in Pocket Change.


If I don’t stop blogging and start packing, I’m gonna have to worry about strained family relations of my own.  I hope to stay off the computer for a couple days, but only time will tell.

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