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October 4, 2004

let’s mug Prof. Grace

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 11:36 pm

To thank Prof. Martin Grace of a tort et a travers for responding to my recent musing about conflicted Catholic Libertarians, I set out today to find a “cool coffee mug” for his hypothetical Catholic Libertarian Society.   In doing so, I learned a lot and had some fun.   [Except for curiosity about how ideas and actions jibe, I have no explanation for the interest of your Editor — an ex-Catholic and “thoughtful” liberal — in the relationship between the powerfully hierarchical Church and the empowering, free-market ideology.]


trouble maker Here are a few things I learned [click to read and see more].



p.s.  I can’t leave without offering haiku from Kobayashi Issa,

        translated as always by Prof. David G. Lanoue.


rice-planting song–
let everyone’s anger
be cured


in my sake cup
down the hatch!
Heaven’s River



       Prof. Grace’s mug . . . “prof grace”

[You can find the “No W” sticker here; and a “Flush the Johns” flush sticker here]

various awakenings

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 1:59 pm

waking to Pledge Week –

beggars and bullies 

on the radio




wake up call small


as I wait

for the phone to ring    the beagle

worries a bone




I awake before

hitting the ground

the clock’s dial glows

(Brooks Books, 2000)                         


                                                                [bumpersticker:] stop whining 

one-breath pundit  

    • Tougher Passing Score for NY Bar Exam Draws “Outrage” (NYL, Oct, 1, 2004) “The new policy

      calls for the passing score to increase from 660 points (of a possible 1,000) to 675, at the rate

      of five points per year beginning in July.”  Leave no law student behind.

    • Looks like they’ve got some thin-skinned whiners at the Colorado Bar: see

    • Good Pointer from Arnie Herz at Legal Sanity: Reducing Law Office Stress (LPM, Sept. 2004)

    • Satire and Humor sites shouldn’t have to remind readers with every post. (see Nft[L]U re Scalia
      out of context; caution: post not office- or prude- friendly) that tongues may be in cheeks.

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