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September 27, 2004

alternative billing: how soon they forget

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don't forget tackone-breath pundit  [with update]

Update (Sept. 28, 2004):  Maybe this forgetfulness is more Pope [ “Those oft are stratagems which errors seem, Nor is it Homer nods, but we that dream”] than Horace.  Dennis Kennedy isn’t accepting my trackback pings from this post.  Let us (and Dennis) know whether you find our treatment “useful.”


Update (Sept. 30, 2004):  In response to this post, Dennis Kennedy was kind enough yesterday to email me a lengthy explanation for the decision not to include any items from ethicalEsq in the list compiled for  Law Practice Today.   I want to clarify that my reason for wanting this weblog to be included on the LPT link list is the different perspective it brings to the topic of alternative or value billing, as compared

to the cheerleading found in virtually all other materials — which do not tend to deal with legal ethics or reducing legal fees.  Although I did not find Dennis’ explanation to be fully satisfactory, I must note that the Trackback problem at Dennis’ site has been (more than) remedied — thanks, DMK!



what did you forget?
retracing steps



 Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue 

this moon’s for you!

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full moon neg  Master Issa and haikuEsq interrupt your weblogging to remind you to look up and enjoy the Harvest Moon tonight and the next three nights.  We’ll be dedicating a sampling of autumn moon haiku to various weblog friends and colleagues for the next few days (all haiku by master Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa, translated by author-poet, professor David G. Lanoue):


for Denise Howell at Bag&Baggage

trying and trying
to grasp the harvest moon–


for Wm. J. Dyer of Beldar fame

aiming their butts
at the moon…
rice field geese



for Martin Grace at a tort et a travers

harvest moon-gazing
priests, samurai



for Fed84 at Crime & Federalism  

the thief
is just as he is…
hazy moon




full moon for friend George Wallace of The Fool in the Forest

harvest moon–
on a stone a teacup
filled with sake


for B.J. Grenier at BenefitsBlog

harvest moon–
when my heart’s had its fill
it’s dawn


for Ken Lammers at CrimLaw


the mountain moon              
gives the blossom thief


for Jerry Lawson at eLawyerBlog

on the moonlit spider web
an evening


for the non-ephmeral Ernie Svenson 

                                                                                 quarter moon quarter moon flip

bright moon–
in a little thicket too
a festival!


for UCL, the omni-commenting Uncivil Litigator


on the river back home too
no doubt…
moon gazing


for Tom Mighell at Inter Alia

which of you owns
that red moon


for Evan Schaeffer at Underground Notes etc.

the sake gone
time to buckle down
and moon-gaze


coyote moon  for Ted Frank and Walter Olson at Overlawyered


harvest moon–
wherever you are
someone’s annoyed


overly helpful–
the harvest moon
eclipse critic


for the merciful Scheherazade


after renting the house
the first thing: moon gazing



for Nancy Stinson at StarkCountyLawLib

in the harvest moonlight
unruffled, unaffected


quarter moon flip  for Rick Klau at tins 

harvest moon–
my lap would be a pillow
if my child were here



for Prof. Bainbridge at his eponymous weblog 

harvest moon–
the peddler selling
eight cent sake



for Mr. Firefly at Running with Lawyers

hey boatman
no pissing on the moon
in the waves!


for Dennis Kennedy of the snazzy new

the Man on the Moon
looks to be about

for John F. Kerry:

harvest moon–
going out
going back in


for our haiku President George W. Bush

with the moon out
it seems to shrink back…
little mountain


for editor-emeritus Prof. Yabut:

on harvest moon night
greeting the moon…
with snores


– click here for over a hundred autumn moon haiku by  Kobayashi Issa 

– many thanks to the translator, author-poet, professor David G. Lanoue 

rave reviews

for the lighting crew –

harvest moon

                       [Sept. 27, 2004]

half moon

tiny check  We collect more Harvest Moon haiku here and there.


the makeshift curtain

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my wardrobe

full of faded clothes

Monday morning




community play

a small boy peeps under

the makeshift curtain



in English-Language Haiku  (Jim Kacian, Dee Evetts, eds. Red Moon Press, 2001)  





exhaust fan



                         full moon

one-breath pundit  

    • Why are people surprised that viewers of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 

      are more likely than non-viewers to know candidate’s positions and backgrounds?  A joke is

      only funny if you “get” the allusion and context.(See Annenberg Study; via beSpacific)

    • Will everyone who has NOT made a bad Cat-Stvens-song-title pun in the past 5 days please raise

      their hand?  The rest of us need to exercise more discipline and creativity.

    • Saturday, Ernie Svenson marvelled at a one-post only “ephemeral blog“.  We explored this topic last year, while asking Does the Blogosphere Exist?, and spotlighting the weblog vespertine, which got 300 page hits 4 months after its single, two-sentence post.  (Also, see the Perseus Report)

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