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September 25, 2004

the politics of pain

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 8:59 pm

md. v. jd? boxers


world of pain–
and the cherry blossoms
add to it!


                 from Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue  

one-breath pundit

    • I just heard Jennifer Ludden‘s NPR presentation on Tort Reform as a Campaign Issue (audio link,

      Sept. 25, 2004), billed as a talk with Frank Cross, Michael McCane, and Overlawyered’s Walter Olson

      on the “link between litigation and the economy.”   I think the “litigation does more good than bad”

      guys won this skirmish.

    • If you haven’t followed the sparring at Point of Law on Tort Reform and the Election, I urge you to

      do so.   Physician Ron Chusid (for Kerry) and Lawyer Ted Frank (for Bush) both have stamina,

      but no knockout punch.  We recently asked for a better definition of “frivolous lawsuit,” and the meritorious topic was considered by both Ted and Ron.

    • Check out Lessig vs. Tucker at the Legal Affairs Debate Club, on whether being a Trial Lawyer hurts John Edwards in the election. (via Ernie) — Champion of the underdog or shark in a suit?

  • Three things that pain me but seem to have no cure: (1) the idea that physicians and lawyers are natural enemies; (2) the purchase of the Democratic Party by Trial Lawyers, Inc.; and (3) the Republican Party’s blanket condemnation of “trial lawyers” and simplistic approach to tort reform. 

ain’t got two scents to rub together

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ferris wheel


I forget my side

of the argument


calmly talking divorce

under the crackle

of fallen leaves


(Brooks Books, 2000) 


no coffee brewing

no scent of love

to wake the hermit


                                                       [Sept. 25, 2004]

one-breath pundit  

    • A discussion of lawyer bullies can be found at Notes from the (Legal) Underground.  . . . . bully . . . .

    • Does the English language have a collective noun for “nieces and nephews”? (“terrorists” doesn’t count)

    • Although George Wallace seems to revel in them, I’m still not sure I approve of judges who can’t resist “the

      temptation to wax scholarly and poetical” in their opinions.  And, please, save me from cutesy precedent.

    • Thanks to Robert Ambrogi for pointing to ChessLaw and thence “The Fertile Octogenarian” linkfest.

    • Let’s Ban This Now: An article in today’s Schenectady (NY) Daily Gazette (subscript. only) raves about CarXPC, which is developing a “computer which has been designed specifically for in-vehicle use. ” The monitor mounts right next to the dashboard and all Windows XP applications are supported (more).

Fish to Kerry: keep it simple

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 12:21 pm

podium flip Haiku lovers know the value of brevity.  With Presidential campaign “debates” coming soon, the venerable Dean Stanley Fish shared some invaluable advice with John Kerry in a New York Times op/ed piece yesterday.  E.g.:


If you can’t explain an idea or a policy plainly in one or two sentences, it’s not yours; and if it’s not yours, no one you speak to will be persuaded of it, or even know what it is, or (and this is the real point) know what you are.”


tired of listening
the man walks away…
cicada on a branch

from Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue  

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