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September 15, 2004

dog bites bar

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dog black

When it comes to muzzling the famous 1-(800)-PIT-BULL, the Florida Bar is all bark, and no bite.  After more than two hours of testimony and argument yesterday (Sept. 14), the Hon. William W. Herring, the referee/judge hearing the Florida Bar’s case against Fort Lauderdale’s Pape & Chandler, ruled that neither the 800-PIT-BULL telephone number, nor the firm’s pit bull logo, violated the ethical Rules of the Florida Bar, which were found to be unconstitutional as applied in this case.  [read the rest of this posting here, plus Comments]



using his nose
the dog searches
the violets



runaway kite!

the dog also eyes it



from Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue 

                                                                                         not your daddy’s law firm (thank goodness!) in full color here  . . . 

red pepper afterglow

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last mums

a lone bee

hums by



         sun sets

through blackened leaves

     last red pepper      



leaf gray  from Presents of Mind, haiku and illustrations by Jim Kacian

(Katsura/Red Moon Press, 1996).


from the curb



[Sept. 15, 2004]


peppers one-breath pundit  

  • Let there be no mistake, this Florida attorney deserved disbarment for engaging in and

    lying about unwanted sexual relations with a client.  DNA evidence was used. (via sunEthics)

  • Jim Copland‘s post on British legal fees in 1859 reaffirms my conclusion: whether compared

    with today‘s trial lawyers or those of his time, Lawyer Lincoln was a bargain

  • Check out the latest update to our TISK! Report, and find out how this weblog has done recently in

    search engine queries on topics ranging from

  • Thanks to (Legal) Underground for reminding me that Beldar is not only alive but definitely kicking.

    Beldar has fine-tuned the art of attracting readers with teeny-bop hot babes and major-league hot topics.


    Beldar has asked why it’s okay to admit that some under-18 female celebs are “hot” but not others: It depends on

    their original  target audience.  Britney and the Olsens originally had pre-teen girls as fans —  the fans’ parents

    don’t want the wholesome role model to become a sex symbol and rush their kids into adolescence.  Anna    Kournikova appealed to a much different crowd from the start.

        leaf red flip

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