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August 31, 2004

before that first cup

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past due gray


end of the holiday

a square of pale grass

beneath the tent



old mill stream

a bramble stalk

in perpetual motion



in English-Language Haiku  (Jim Kacian, Dee Evetts, eds. Red Moon Press, 2001)  

credit “end of the holiday” — Acorn 3



before that first cup:

sleepy-head fills the filter

with Metamucil

      [Aug. 31, 2004]

“coffee Cup neg”

one-breath pundit  

    • With panache, Ernie the Attorney notes Jack Valenti says ‘fair use is not in the law’.  Ernie calls it “bullheadedness,” but isn’t that what mouthpieces do — spin their client’s position, ignoring facts, law, equities?

    • Can a lawyer serve the client diligently, and be an “officer of the court,” while being “on the Judeo-Christian side of every issue.”  See article on Rev. Falwell’s Liberty University Law School — National Law Journal, Law and Religion“.


the inadvertant searchee

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night in the hut
searching on the shelf…



Tisk, tisk!  No, I haven’t been cured of my Referer Madness, and I won’t go into detox.   Instead, I’m turning the obsession — backtracking from the f/k/a  Referer List to search-engine queries that bring hits to this website — into a new, frequently-updated  Feature, called TISK  [the inadvertant searchee and the katydid].


You’ll discover why [as with “stocking“] using “hogtied” at a dignified website might not be a good idea, and see how powerful weblog search-engine placement can be.




using his nose
the dog searches
the violets




— haiku by Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue  

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