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August 14, 2004

the ides of august

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checker red


back to school

tiny ants swarm

a wad of gum


news of his death

the cigarette smoke rises

straight up

Language Haiku  (Jim Kacian & Dee Evetts, eds.,  Red Moon Press, 2003) 


weekend storm passes quickly:

sun works, son plays


                                                   [Aug. 14, 2004]


one-breath pundit  

paintings, pix and prose (plutocrats, too)

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one-breath pundit  

  • Scheherazade proves it again: no photos can match the pictures she paints with words. . . . . .  . . red sailboat small 

  • Henniger and Bainbridge score the Left’s “Hollywood plutocrats.” 

  • Personally, I prefer rich Californians who care about a social safety net and collateral damage to those who mainly care about not paying taxes. 


from Issa:

straight out of a full moon
the geese depart

in spring rain
chasing the elusive fish…
dog on the shore

river house  [translator  David G. Lanoue, from his Issa website]   


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