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August 7, 2004

it’s just a game, grasshopper

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A gray dawn —

last night’s poker cards

facedown on the table




Cool breeze scented with mint —

a grasshopper poised

in the twilit stillness


by Rebecca Lilly, from A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices in English-        

Language Haiku  (Jim Kacian, Dee Evetts, eds., Red Moon Press, 2001)

credits: “a gray dawn” from Modern Haiku XXXII: 1; “cool breeze” from Modern Haiku XXXI:1


flawless hosta  

between finger and thumb —

making sure it’s real

                                             [Aug. 7, 2004]


coin flip  one-breath pundit  


workman not working

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  • mouse lawyer small  Tom Workman, President of the Massachusetts Association of Court-Appointed Attorneys (MACAA), sent an e-mail yesterday evening, responding to my position that the boycott by Bar Advocates is unlawful and unethical.  Tom states that the “>Lavallee decision has changed the landscape, and may instead make it unethical for indigent defense counsel to take cases.  Click here to see his message and the response I posted tonight at TalkLeft.

p.s. See the Decision and Order in the FTC’s Clark County Assigned Counsel case for a good outline of the kinds of activity that are and are not permitted when seeking higher fees.  The relevant provisions are available at this weblog by clicking Assigned Counsel Don’t’s & Do’s


napper gray


from Issa:

the dragonfly, too
works late…
night fishing                  

[translator  David G. Lanoue, from his Issa website] 


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