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April 26, 2004

no fooling, he’s gone for good

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new name

new management   


prof yabut small flip  It must have been the 04-01-04 dateline, because many visitors have ignored our post ethicalEsq Sells Out.  You’ve been coming here expecting rants and sermons about evil lawyers, marketplace misdeeds, and lax ethical standards.  The former editor has even uploaded some of that poppycock from an unknown, remote location this month.  Well, no more!

END key . . ethicalEsq is gone

Prof. Yabut is Editor; haikuEsq has stayed on to add some class to this corner of the webiverse; and sibling skepticalEsq remains, although on probation.  The only things we plan to take seriously are haiku, naptime, and our web-given right to butt in.  We don’t know how this weblog will evolve, but we have no fear of change.  Posting may be sporadic, or prolific. 

We can’t hope to be as entertaining as Evan Schaeffer, as erudite as George M. Wallace, or as intriguing as Scheherazade, but we plan to explore and opine on a variety of topics, and will continue to feature haiku in the HAIKUesque column — with Honored Guests poets, and the humble offerings of dagosan.  

  • Further Disclaimer: It is also very unlikely that we will have as many cute baby pix as our Baggy friend, nor as many gadget reviews as Ernie.  And, although we will surely not mention Madison County as often as Walter, nor sing solo like Carolyn at My Shingola, it’s quite likely we will be at least as curmudgeonly as that anonymous law clerk.  And, one more thing: you can’t blame anyone else for our content.

  • The only remaining trace of ethicalEsq on this site will be the warehousing of his Legal Ethics Resources (with links to his postings), which his sainted Mama begged us to retain in his memory.  However, because we’re all recovering attorneys, don’t be surprised if things legal are often on our mind.

ethicalEsq sells out: To read what we said on April 1, 2004, when we announced that whats-his-name had left the building, click here  If you need reassurance that our Former Editor retired voluntarily, see the About page.

s/ prof. yabut prof yabut small

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